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Kindergarten Mavrica, Trebnje, Slovenia

Monday 12 Mar 2012

Over the rainbow...

Kindergarten Mavrica by Trimo in Trebnje, Slovenia
Kindergarten Mavrica by Trimo in Trebnje, Slovenia Kindergarten Mavrica by Trimo in Trebnje, Slovenia Kindergarten Mavrica by Trimo in Trebnje, Slovenia Kindergarten Mavrica by Trimo in Trebnje, Slovenia Kindergarten Mavrica by Trimo in Trebnje, Slovenia Kindergarten Mavrica by Trimo in Trebnje, Slovenia
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Award Entry

Trimo completes colourful new kindergarten in Trebnje 

As architecture, the 'Mavrica' (rainbow) kindergarten is socially and environmentally respectful of the human needs of its users - children of all age groups. Although primarily a kindergarten, because of its location, its function as a public building and situation, its appearance is architecturally very important for the town and wider area.

Much thought went into the initial idea and concepts as research has shown that for the development of a child's perception of space and creativity, colour and its variety are of great importance. The architectural solution was therefore based on idea of a palette of colours draped in a symbolic image of clothing that would surround and reflect the liveliness, vibrancy and energy of the kindergarten. Colour variations are recognisable and social characteristic elements of the town, and as such the different shades of the façade elements represent the attraction and at the same time diversity, which in that environment are lively, memorable and distinctive.

The thinking behind the floor plan was to form a 'comb' like system, where the tracts of the playrooms of different age groups stretch into the perpendicular building area beside the street. The contacting points of the playrooms and the main area are widened and thus form multi-purpose halls. Two of them are finished with glass surfaces directly connected to the green atriums. The last hall, which is used as a gymnasium, is linked to the external terraced playground.

Large glass surfaces create a continuous panorama outside, forming a sensible transition of the internal space to the external areas and vice versa. In front of each hall a garden is planned, which when complete will become an extension of the common areas. Each garden is designed individually with different plants used to create unique environment. The concept is to create the spirit of a Mediterranean garden, which becomes a private piazzetta connected by a green surface. One of the most notable features of the kindergarten is the platform roof at the entrance, which can be seen from the main street. Activities of this area become a natural and integral part of the life at that location.

The Kindergarten uses the latest Innovative Qbiss Air façade system (classified as a Non-ventilated Curtain Wall system) in this project for the first time. Lightweight, non-combustible façade elements act as a structurally self-supporting, as well as high thermal and hydro efficient envelope.

This façade system was the ideal solution for the sustainable, contemporary project requirements since high energy and aesthetic demands of the building envelope were accomplished. As external plate two main materials were used: tempered, black and white enameled glass and high pressure laminate in various colours (green, light green, yellow, red, black). These visual characteristics enable individual design of the unified façade system while at the same time the optimisation in production and assembly is guaranteed.

This is a proof that we can with Trimo technology, knowledge and innovative products satisfy sustainable demands of residential and public buildings

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