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G.bang, Zaragoza, Spain

Friday 09 Mar 2012

Bringing sexy back...

G.bang by José Javier Gallardo ///g.bang/// in Zaragoza, Spain
G.bang by José Javier Gallardo ///g.bang/// in Zaragoza, Spain G.bang by José Javier Gallardo ///g.bang/// in Zaragoza, Spain G.bang by José Javier Gallardo ///g.bang/// in Zaragoza, Spain G.bang by José Javier Gallardo ///g.bang/// in Zaragoza, Spain G.bang by José Javier Gallardo ///g.bang/// in Zaragoza, Spain G.bang by José Javier Gallardo ///g.bang/// in Zaragoza, Spain
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Award Entry

G.bang attempt to make sexy architecture 

José Javier Gallardo Ortega from g.bang is attracted to the architecture that makes people think and in architecture that provokes feelings, somewhat risky, often known as "sexy architecture". This happens when its power of attraction has to do with adequate speech and theoretical thinking, when it reveals unsuspected feelings or uses, not to mention its own programme, where there is intelligence and concept behind a "nice shape". He tries to achieve it with one single concept, a single colour and one single material.

In the act of designing a concept he found a revealing concept, related to the simultaneous interaction between space and form: ‘the figurative quality of architecture' that depends on the technological condition with which the form is built and is, in turn, a form generator in the field of the closest scale. Similarly to the way that shape and space are not cause effect, but reciprocal impact, the architectural figurative quality precedes the expression of the form and is generated simultaneously with the shaping of it and even within the space programme.

Architecture should provide a high permeability and a marked relationship with the circulations of its environment, coexisting with its troubled situation and without imposing certain situations, by the conversion into a flexible container, stripped of a language coded by forms and materials. This question allows the city to offer a wealth of surprises and occasional and unplanned encounters, recovering the lost public space, not just responding to the organisation and intended uses, but also by providing urban links.

José Javier Gallardo Ortega is interested in functional sustainability related to: interlaced programme solutions but with the possibility of independent or simultaneous activation; the anticipation of future maintenance costs and, in particular, with the social and/or cultural return in relation to the economic resources invested - quality/price ratio.

José Javier Gallardo Ortega has finished the construction of his family single house: illusion and obsession at the same time. He has also just founded the //urban.prospection.network//: it is exciting to provide solutions through the reuse, with minimal resources, of disused buildings, creating links with the urban space / creative urban laboratory...

The following images are Centre for infividuals with Disabilities and a family house.

Key Facts

Value 1300000(m€)
José Javier Gallardo ///g.bang///
Reinventing Cities

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