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HEAD Architecture and Design, Hong Kong

Thursday 08 Mar 2012

Head held high

HEAD Architecture and Design by HEAD Architecture and Design Limited in Hong Kong
HEAD Architecture and Design by HEAD Architecture and Design Limited in Hong Kong HEAD Architecture and Design by HEAD Architecture and Design Limited in Hong Kong HEAD Architecture and Design by HEAD Architecture and Design Limited in Hong Kong HEAD Architecture and Design by HEAD Architecture and Design Limited in Hong Kong HEAD Architecture and Design by HEAD Architecture and Design Limited in Hong Kong
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Award Entry

Head Architecture complete a series of projects in China and Hong Kong 

Phoenix Satellite TV, Tai Po, Hong Kong

Phoenix Satellite TV is a Hong Kong-based Mandarin Chinese television broadcaster that promotes a flow of information and entertainment within the Greater China region. An existing industrial building in Tai Po was completely gutted for conversion to the Hong Kong regional broadcast centre for Phoenix. Structural columns and floors were removed to create a large central void space for the main on-camera news sets. These four main studio sets sit against a backdrop of production control rooms, equipment rooms, editing suites and 100 journalists' work stations. At the Mezzanine Floor level, an elevated walkway encircles the space allowing Phoenix to tour VIPs, dignitaries and advertising partners through the facility. The studio functions as a showcase for investors and important visitors. It therefore includes a VIP route that takes individuals or groups through the heart of the news studio without disturbing it functionally. Starting with an observation room overlooking the studio, the route takes visitors via a mezzanine through the journalist areas and around the news desks. Presentation suites are visible showing the inner workings of the studio. Glass balustrades, glazed offices and working areas facing the studio all add to the drama of a modern news studio.

Tavistock, Tregunter Path, Mid Levels, Hong Kong

Tavistock is a 45 year old residential tower, built at a time when the economics of land development were less severe. Each floor boasts 4,000 square feet apartments with tall ceilings and two generous balconies. The building is topped by two penthouse apartments with stunning views of Victoria Harbour and the mountains beyond. Rather than redevelop, Kerry Properties decided to extensively renovate and upgrade the existing building and soft and hard landscapes. The building's layout and elevations were modified in response to some necessary re-planning, notably in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Otherwise, the character of the building has been respected, with the new exterior treatment emphasising the building's distinguished proportions.

Village House, Tung Chung, Hong Kong

The New Territories House policy is an anomaly in Hong Kong property development. Working within the guidelines for allowable footprint, height and constructional methods, a flexible modular design was created. Central to this design was a triple-height skylight, which allows light to penetrate deep into the building. Accommodating the dining area, this void is a dramatic and visible focus for the house. The house incorporates many principles of environmental design, including stack effect ventilation, renewable bamboo flooring and heat absorbent planting on the roof.

Topline Dormitory, Dongguan, China

These corporate headquarters for a footwear manufacturer comprise a factory, product showroom and staff quarters. The First Floor of the main building accommodates the reception, meeting rooms and accounting offices. The second floor houses sample showrooms. The third and fourth floors house materials work area, sample rooms and storage. The area of the main building is 86,000 square feet. The first floor of the adjacent accommodation building houses the cafeteria and recreation areas. The second through eighth floors comprise the dormitories and kitchens for approximately 300 staff. The area of the accommodation building is 75,300 square feet.

Topline Factory,Dongguan, China

Topline's existing factory and office in Dongguan - a rather drab Chinese industrial building with attached dormitory - had been given an overhaul to meet the wishes of the company American owners who place a high value on attracting and retaining good local managers and floor staffs.  Wide-ranging improvements to work areas and dormitories were implemented, incorporating bright colour and large promotional images to add vitality. Extra recreational amenities - including a basketball court and table football - were added inside and out.





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