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Vattanac Capital Tower, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Wednesday 07 Mar 2012

Enter the dragon

Vattanac Capital Tower by TFP Farrells in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
All images: TFP Farrells 
Vattanac Capital Tower by TFP Farrells in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Vattanac Capital Tower by TFP Farrells in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Vattanac Capital Tower by TFP Farrells in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Vattanac Capital Tower by TFP Farrells in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Vattanac Capital Tower by TFP Farrells in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Vattanac Capital Tower by TFP Farrells in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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21/11/12 KH Khoo, Singapore
Amazing Designed Facades, wonder how the Energy for the Shades could be Solar PV powered. It must be Challenging to have motorised shades with Solar Power Kit that is small and stand alone. Absolute No AC wirings.
10/05/12 Rangsey, Phnom Peng
Why put it somewhere when Phnom Penh can have it? This country deserves to develop and move forward. The building maintains its cultural aspect and created thousands of jobs to the Khmers. It's time for this Kingdom to rise, and this is the catalyst of this good change for the country.

It's your rant that should be placed somewhere else. Sorry for that.
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15/03/12 HANN Vathanakun, Phnom Penh
I love and very proud of this project. It is a unique structure and could become iconic building of phnom penh.
14/03/12 william rogan, new york
that's a spectacular editorial achievement: to generate so much spin and laudatory prose for such a truly dreadful project. this super-scaled doodle could truly be anywhere. it's a shame that poor phnom penh, once urbane but now ragged, has won the sweepstakes for this tone-deaf vanity.

Construction progresses on TFP Farrells 'Dragon Scaled' Vattanac Capital Tower 

Cambodia’s first high-rise utilises the extensive knowledge and experience of ‘placemaking’ to create a visionary project and an internationally unique cultural presence for Phnom Penh. Designed as an iconic landmark with a strong Cambodian identity, Vattanac Capital Tower is bringing innovation to the City as construction work continues on site.

This 39-storey, 183.8m tower will be the tallest building in the city and positions the new Vattanac Capital headquarters solidly in the heart of an emerging new business and financial district. Situated on the busy Monivong Boulevard, a major North-south route through the capital and Eastwest via Praeh Mohaksat Treiyani Kossamak the development is centrally placed with excellent transport connections. 

Designed to incorporate a banking headquarters, trading floors, offices, high-end retail and luxury serviced apartments and will be the first high-rise and international Grade-A, LEED Certified development in Cambodia. The fluid shape of the tower evokes images of a dragon’s back - symbolising good luck and wealth.

The southern elevation is recessed to allow a generous drop-off area immediately outside the bank and the high-end retail area where leading designer stores will be showcased under the expansive curve of the roof. The northern elevation forms the reception for the luxury serviced apartments and high-end living options for executives.

The geometry of the tower is chamfered towards the East to allow occupants panoramic river views. As the building covers most of the site, the set back allows for a small plaza area at its base. The tower will house VIP dining and entertainment areas, a cantilevered entertainment pod with a viewing deck and executive trading floors with views of the Tonle Sap and Mekong Rivers.

The curving West elevation of the tower symbolises the back of the great ‘Dragon King’, which according to ancient mythology Dragon Kings live in ‘crystal palaces’. The towering glass façade of Vattanac Capital and banking hall will provide a suitable resting place.

The Retail Hall is located prominently at the heart of the podium on three levels offering a unique shopping experience. The South elevation with its glazed facade and high ceilings maximises the visual connection between the shops and the landscaped green spine.

Designed as part of the floating low-rise structure that sits upon the podium, the high-efficiency office block was created for financial trading floors with maximum layout flexibility and an open floor plate that provides unobstructed views and abundant daylight. The rooms around the edge can be utilised as meeting rooms or data centres. Plant and air handling units have been located on the level below to maximise free space.

The cantilevered roof is designed to let light filter through the ‘Dragon’s Scales’ or Glass Spandrals and underlying structure. Shading is provided under the roof structure to avoid overheating. The distinctive decorative screen on the elevations acts as a solar shade and takes reference from the carvings on ancient Khmer buildings.

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Status Under construction
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TFP Farrells

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