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Nuevo Continente, Queretaro Qro, Mexico

Tuesday 28 Feb 2012

Design for a new world...

Nuevo Continente by fabric in Queretaro Qro, Mexico
Gonzalo Soltero 
Nuevo Continente by fabric in Queretaro Qro, Mexico Nuevo Continente by fabric in Queretaro Qro, Mexico Nuevo Continente by fabric in Queretaro Qro, Mexico Nuevo Continente by fabric in Queretaro Qro, Mexico Nuevo Continente by fabric in Queretaro Qro, Mexico
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09/03/12 Mar, Mexico df
Wow! What a joy it must be for the kids to live and learn in such a building! Must be inspiring!!
Award Entry

fabric completes upgrade to the facilities of Queretaro campus 

The Nuevo Continente School developed a master plan to upgrade the facilities of its Querétaro campus. One of the guiding principles of the project is the replacement and construction of new buildings to house students while their own are being refurbished. Consequently, the first challenge was to relocate 400 students. The answer was a building designed to grow or decrease in functions in an expeditious and economical way.

The first part of the master plan consists of a central building of 12 x 100m, which combined with the lateral pads form a 2,700-sq-m building divided into two levels. The first floor houses the control services, toilets and parking for management. The road pattern suggests a circuit allowing students to hop out of transport safely, comfortably and efficiently, relieving traffic from nearby roads and contributing to reduce pollution.

The second floor meets the challenge of new educational paradigms providing a 100-m-long gallery formed by four mega-classrooms of 20 x 7m, interrelated through their hallways and side corridors. Each is divisible in 2, 3 or 4 spaces without losing its properties of cross ventilation, natural lighting and independent access, features that enhance learning.

The corridors, which go around the whole building’s perimeter, double as natural stands for sporting events. This is of paramount importance: child obesity is a serious problem in Mexico, thus the proximity to and perspective of the sports courts seek to encourage physical activity. The building’s language is monumental, as the tone that characterises Mexican architecture and forcefully exposes its concrete structure, which gradually fades into the front perspective. Contact with the environment is present through the 2.7m windows, while the warm touch of tropical wood in doors, benches and flowerboxes remind us of our primary relationship with our Earth.

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