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dotA, Hong Kong

Wednesday 22 Feb 2012

The three E's

dotA by dotA in Hong Kong
dotA by dotA in Hong Kong dotA by dotA in Hong Kong dotA by dotA in Hong Kong dotA by dotA in Hong Kong dotA by dotA in Hong Kong dotA by dotA in Hong Kong
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Award Entry

dotA's design and architecture criteria is based on the prinicpal of effect, emergence and efficiency 

dotA is dedicated to developing a spectrum of ar­chitecture that emerges from the synthesis between deterministic and in-deterministic design operations. This approach enables the mediation of the two contradictory design methodologies, i.e. implicit global descriptions and explicit local inscriptions. dotA questions the established opposition between the two and seeks to develop hybridized architectural beings that could be engineered into irreduc­ible constructions, thereafter engage with changes over time.

Facilitated with a variety of computational techniques, dotA questions the development of significant and valuable design in the context of uncertainty, for which design obligations are often dedicated to the realisation of innovative, meaningful and sustainable projects through information and communication, rather than irresponsible manipulation of form and/or space. This strategy enables dotA to softly land­ in the territory of architecture while embrac­ing hybridization and mutation on the social, economic, ecological, technical, and political substrates.

dotA's criteria consists of Three E's: Effect, Emergence and Efficiency.

Effect is dotA's primary objective for all pro­jects. With design explorations which aim at synthesis of matters, contents and technolo­gies, dotA engineers aesthetic sensibility with artificial structures and associated materials.

Emergence spells dotA's essential thesis for the architectural discourse. By intercon­necting cross-disciplinary factors into design processes, collective and intelligent design mechanisms emerges in various levels. The outcomes, with their formal, spatial and at­mospheric effects, will go beyond expectation; therefore additional design value is generated.

Efficiency triggers the norm of dotA's design trajectories. It refers not only to architectural performance in multiple dimensions, but more importantly to the efficiency of making deci­sions through double-coded feedback. Thanks to powerful digital means and sophisticated analogical sensibilities, investment is ensured by dotA's expertise on design optimisation and project delivery, as well as collaboration with other parties.

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