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The Banyan Eco Hotel and Spa, Karnataka, India

Wednesday 18 Jan 2012

Sleep easy in Karnataka

The Banyan Eco Hotel and Spa by Mohsin Cooper Architects in Karnataka, India
Illustrations produced by F10 Studios Ltd www.F10Studios.co.uk 
The Banyan Eco Hotel and Spa by Mohsin Cooper Architects in Karnataka, India The Banyan Eco Hotel and Spa by Mohsin Cooper Architects in Karnataka, India The Banyan Eco Hotel and Spa by Mohsin Cooper Architects in Karnataka, India
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02/08/16 David Noel, New York
This was a great and interesting article to read. I have really enjoyed all of this very cool information
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20/01/12 unknown, india
where is sustainability when an organic farm is ruined to build a resort? I appreciate the design not the intentions of the developer.
20/01/12 Alison, London
Beautiful images and project! Look forward to seeing the final product.

Organic farmland to be converted into oppulent sustainable eco-lodge in Karnataka 

UK-based architects Mohsin Cooper Ltd have been commissioned to prepare a development study of an 116.8 acre area of organically farmed land 28km west of central Bangalore with the intention to build a luxury eco hotel and retreat. The Sri Bhagyalakshmi Farm is located in the Indian State of Karnataka and currently boasts an expanse of coconut, mango, pomelo and arecanut plantations, however the landowners are looking to move into the rapidly developing hospitality market.

Plans are to transform these lush acres of vegetation into a close community of eco retreats, with a 30-40 key eco-lodge hotel, an organic restaurant serving locally sourced produce, guesthouses and villas in low density clusters, and a ‘character retreat’ with ayurvedic spa treatment and yoga facilities. Plans are to retain a portion of the farm which will be layered around the hotel complex and produce organic fruit and vegetables for the hotel guests. There will also be a catering or hospitality school to train local disadvantaged people with the skills necessary to land them jobs in the corresponding sectors.

Mohsin Cooper Ltd details: “The farm currently operates on a fully sustainable basis, providing a net gain of organic products for the owners. The land is heavily contoured allowing for expansive views over the surrounding area, including distant views of Bangalore itself. This landscape will serve as the perfect setting and backdrop for ‘The Banyan eco hotel and spa’, set to become a world class eco tourism destination including eco lodge style hotel, restaurant, villas, guest houses, spa and Ayurvedic yoga facilities. The design proposals and high level masterplan have been prepared on the basis of a strong sustainability agenda which seeks to create an ecological connection with the surrounding area.”

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