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BAU 2013, Munich, Germany

Monday 16 Jan 2012

Alive and kicking in Munich

BAU 2013 by BAU in Munich, Germany
BAU 2013 by BAU in Munich, Germany BAU 2013 by BAU in Munich, Germany BAU 2013 by BAU in Munich, Germany BAU 2013 by BAU in Munich, Germany BAU 2013 by BAU in Munich, Germany BAU 2013 by BAU in Munich, Germany
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Time to take your booster jab… 

Around this time next year, on the 14 January 2013, the World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems opens its doors in Munich. For most German and many mainland European architects BAU is firmly established as a bi-annual pilgrimage but increasingly, the draw of the vast range of exhibits and ease of travel is attracting more international designers.

Keeping up to date with the latest technology, products and materials is always a vital part of an architect’s remit but with Google to hand it’s all too easy to become an armchair explorer. Lack of time and the ability to search instantly, as and when demand dictates is a very attractive option for a time challenged architect. But is it the best option?

Interestingly, if you evaluate the time, a two day booster jab of information is a very effective way to get up to speed and will serve you well over the coming months.

But it’s more than that. As tactile animals, architects also get much more from seeing and touching exciting new materials in the flesh than can be extracted from paper brochures or digital images. Simply using a door handle or hefting a showerhead will instil a sense of quality (or otherwise) that you simply can’t derive from a computer screen or magazine page.

Possibly the main benefit of attending an event such as BAU will be inspiration. If you search online for a specific product or material, you will probably be successful and find your perfect widget. What you won’t see however is the amazing product on the website next door. An amazing product that might save your client money, or increase the building’s ECO credentials and that you could easily incorporate into your current project.

These are just a few reasons why events such as BAU are still alive and kicking in this digital age and attracting an amazing 238,000 visitors (2011)

Where else could you find two thousand exhibitors and countless products distilled from the world market, intelligently indexed and curated all within one easily reachable location?

Book your jab now… it won’t hurt and the beer’s great too.

BAU Quick facts
When: 14 -19 January 2013
Where: Munich, Germany
Visitors: 238,000 trade visitors
Exhibitors: 2,058 exhibitors from 46 countries

With more than 52.000 architects, designers and planers from all over the world, BAU is definitely the world leading trade fair for this target group.

Every two years BAU brings together the world market leaders from each sector to participate in a unique display of competence. The range of building materials on display at the fair is grouped into product and theme sections.

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