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Sinaloa 193, Mexico City, Mexico

Monday 09 Jan 2012

Recycling Mexico's history

Sinaloa 193 by Alonso de Garay Arquitectos in Mexico City, Mexico
Sinaloa 193 by Alonso de Garay Arquitectos in Mexico City, Mexico Sinaloa 193 by Alonso de Garay Arquitectos in Mexico City, Mexico Sinaloa 193 by Alonso de Garay Arquitectos in Mexico City, Mexico Sinaloa 193 by Alonso de Garay Arquitectos in Mexico City, Mexico Sinaloa 193 by Alonso de Garay Arquitectos in Mexico City, Mexico Sinaloa 193 by Alonso de Garay Arquitectos in Mexico City, Mexico
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I loved the intervention of this building in the neighborhood, the clean and elegant but never simple design lets the architecture shines itself.

Alonso showed in this building his master of the use of regionals materials and interior gardens, that responds to the limitations of our polluted city.

Also I have to mention the practicity in the layout of the apartments.
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31/01/12 Mariana, Mexico
Outstanding transformación!!!! I knew the building before, and when I see the transformation I can not believe it. It's beautifull!!!! Excellent job.
It has great light, great views, excellent spaces and they use materials and different kind of plants that makes the building something AMAZING!!!! Congratulations
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29/01/12 luigi russ, carlsbad, ca
Great Job. Do you know if there is another building from this same architect in the neigbordhood? I am planning to move to DF.
28/01/12 Mich, Portland usa
This is a fantastic contribution that adds value and light to a beautiful neighborhood. A congratulations is due, the artists point of view is well noted through the design and careful yet stratigic planning of this building. I love my apartment, the feel of the surroundings and the years to come¡
26/01/12 Alejandro Aguirre, Mexico D.F.
El diseño esta muy padre y original, los espacios y areas comunes generosos y amenas, felicidades excelente proyecto.
Alejandro Aguirre
The design is really cool and original spaces and common areas, generous and pleasant, congratulations excellent project.
Alejandro Aguirre
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25/01/12 Carmen Culebro, Queretaro, Mex
I visited the building and I really like the textures that match in perfect harmony with nature. GOOD JOB!!!
25/01/12 Brenda, Mexico
It's amazing the combination of nature within the construccion, i love the clean cut in the shapes of the hole building
25/01/12 Vicky, Df
Love the place! Nice architecture and design!
25/01/12 Xavier d, Mexico City
I live in the same street as this building (Sinaloa), and every evening that I walk back home I can do nothing but get jealous about my neighbors, jaja. Thumbs up to this building's architects!!!!
Award Entry

Alonso de Garay Arquitectos transform derelict building into modern housing block 

The strong territorial expansion of Mexico City in recent decades led to the carelessness and decay of many of the neighbourhoods with most history and tradition as Condesa, Roma, Juarez and others. Properties that during the last century belonged to families of the Mexican high society today are damaged by the accumulation of years without maintenance. In recent years, this deterioration was used by Mexican architects to begin recycling the neighbourhoods, using old buildings and turning them into pieces of modern architecture which led to these areas again to be the most expensive and desired of the Country’s Capital.

Sinaloa 193 is a last-century renovated building, it has 26 apartments on 6 levels, ranging from 56 sq m to 110 sq m. The architecture aims to be modern but simple, unpretentious, warm and very natural. Alonso de Garay Arquitectos sought contrasts between industrial and natural elements; cold textures of steel and aluminum with warm textures such as stone and wood.

The views were unspectacular, so the architects wanted a landscape design to serve as a curtain, sculptural elements on the idea of recycling scrap pieces heavily polluting materials turned into nests. The courtyards that were used only for the service, are now living gardens with trees and plants, likewise, much of the roof became green areas. The landscape design includes traditional species such as the Mexican Nopal. There are also ferns and bamboos.

In short, what was sought was the rebirth of a dead last-century building in the 21st century and used as a space not only for what it was created - housing - but also as a museum of plants, a space for the preservation of species a home for the waste that pollute our country and an example to follow recycling our city.

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Status Completed
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Alonso de Garay Arquitectos
Reinventing Cities

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