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Gudiashvili Square Redevelopment, Tbilisi, Georgia

Friday 16 Dec 2011

New life for historic plaza

Gudiashvili Square Redevelopment by Zechner & Zechner Zt Gmbh in Tbilisi, Georgia
All images: Zechner & Zechner 
Gudiashvili Square Redevelopment by Zechner & Zechner Zt Gmbh in Tbilisi, Georgia Gudiashvili Square Redevelopment by Zechner & Zechner Zt Gmbh in Tbilisi, Georgia Gudiashvili Square Redevelopment by Zechner & Zechner Zt Gmbh in Tbilisi, Georgia Gudiashvili Square Redevelopment by Zechner & Zechner Zt Gmbh in Tbilisi, Georgia Gudiashvili Square Redevelopment by Zechner & Zechner Zt Gmbh in Tbilisi, Georgia Gudiashvili Square Redevelopment by Zechner & Zechner Zt Gmbh in Tbilisi, Georgia
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24/01/12 ToCa, London
I've visited gudiashvili square last week. it is probably most beautiful public space in the old town. this drawing is a complete joke you can do better then this!!
Please visit this place if you haven’t, revisit again if you have - spend couple of days or weeks there and you realize IT’S WRONG WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS WRONG!!…
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22/01/12 Laurent, Tbilisi
One of the rare preserved square of the Old Tbilisi might be destroyed and its soul sold for money.
When will the megalomania of Tbilisi mayor's office stop!
Money seems to be the only goal for number of todays leaders!
When everything will be destroyed it will be to late to cry and no money will replace it.
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30/12/11 Impaler, Tbilisi
The article is a crudely constructed standard PR blurb.The same commercial interests that destroyed Vake and other areas and are now set to destroy one of the few classic areas of Tbilisi. Georgian politicians vision of development is somewhat that of a 3 year old child with his first set of Lego blocks.
The sad destruction of the city by glass eyed megalomaniacs continues.
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26/12/11 J, Tbilisi
Almost every building on Tbilisi's Gudiashvili Square is a prime example of 19th century Georgian architecture, featuring ornate balconies, galleries and intricate wood carvings. As such, the square is not only one of the most beautiful places in Tbilisi, but it's also part of the city's identity and should be preserved for future generations.
Despite Zechner&Zechner's good intentions, the proposed redevelopment would destroy one of the area's that make Tbilisi attractive to locals and foreigners alike, and replace it with a shopping area that could just as well have been located at other central locations with less harm to its surroundings (think Tsereteli Avenue, Chavchavadze Avenue).
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25/12/11 Peter, London
This is another major chip out of the shrinking remains of Tbilsi's historic centre. A terrible mistake that if it is fulfilled,will be bitterly regretted by future generations. Tourists (Tbilisi's great hope) will hate it and the values of the rebuilt properties permanently damaged. A lose lose for everyone.
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23/12/11 Tamu, Tbilisi
With the realization of your project one of the most significant and beautiful places of old tbilisi and thus whole old tbilisi will be destroyed forever!!!
22/12/11 MT, Munich
I just can't imagine that these architects have seen the square with their own eyes. How could anyone imagine anything but a reconstruction of the existing historical architecture? This design might work well in other parts of Tbilisi, but in Old Tbilisi it has no place.
22/12/11 Michael, Germany
Just horrible. Did the architects even visit Tbilisi and see this square? This is destruction, not redevelopment.
22/12/11 AKAM, London
The Square should be preserved as a part of OLD TBILISI.
And that must be IMPERATIVE!!! It is too obvious that there is no room for modern blocks in Gudiashvili Square but there is a place just right one in Gldani for instance or Temka, these districts desperatelly require kind of High Street or Shopping Mall or Plaza.
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21/12/11 Nikolos, Tbilisi
Please, oh please, do not do that vandalism to one of the nicest places of Tbilisi. I can not judge the architectural quality of the renders i saw, but as a Tbilisian i will very much protest every action threatening the authentic looks of this wonderful square.

Austrian practice selected to redesign Gudiashvili Square in Tbilisi, Georgia 

Zechner & Zechner have won first prize in a competition for Multifunctional Project Development in Tbilisi, Georgia. The project task was to develop a multifunctional area with shops, offices and restaurants around the Gudiashvili Square in the heart of old Town in Tbilisi. This is partly in the redevelopment of listed buildings, but the majority are newly constructed.

The choice of a structure divided into individual buildings carries on the old town’s habitual growth pattern, interweaving the new development with the existing fabric of the city. The valuable ground floors are exclusively shopping and restaurant space, which also partly extend to the below-ground floors.

The below-ground floors will also be partially used for self-contained restaurant space. The office and residential space are planned on the upper floors. Similarly the architectural design follows the urban integration concept in attempting to respond to the scale and character of the location.

Zechner & Zechner explain: “We will transform a classic Georgian element into a pattern that will form part of the facade design, supported by the richly decorated balconies, and take on the intricacy and scale of the historic faces of the existing buildings. The element will be a unifying idea suffusing the facades, in various degrees of abstraction, and harmonising the individual buildings to create an ensemble.”

Key Facts

Status Competition win
Value 0(m€)
Zechner & Zechner Zt Gmbh

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