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Frank Gehry designs Grammy posters

Wednesday 14 Dec 2011

Frank Gehry designs Grammy posters

Frank Gehry designs Grammy posters by Gehry Partners LLP
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24/01/12 Richard, Johannesburg SA
Nail on the head there, Alex. One might have thought that Gehry would have used the opportunity to do something visually captivating, stunning or ambiguous, like his buildings. Instead we get a brochure !! How tacky is that ? Geesh.
25/12/11 Alex, Odense
I think it might become a breakthrough in graphic design. Don't you remember Gehry's first architectural works;- neither too professional.
21/12/11 Derek, Houston
Dang, mighty hard on the architect y'all. Who salted YOUR coffee this morning?

I'd of thought there'd be much to appreciate - for instance, how about the use of architectural discourse as a backdrop to the Grammys, regardless of who it is?

20/12/11 VegasE, Sydney Town
This is great and all...but "designed" is a fairly strong word to describe the image. After all, all that has been done is photoshop images of his models around the gramophone. Sure the descision had to be made about which building went where....but this could have been done by one of his interns!
20/12/11 Seán, Sligo
Is this advert for Frank Gehry or the Grammys??!! Has the economy got so bad that Frank has to sing for his supper???!!

Beekman Tower and Sydney's UIT Business School grace Grammy's artwork 

Legendary architect Frank Gehry has been selected to design the official artwork for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, to be used on the cover of the Grammy Awards programme, telecast tickets and promotional materials. The image incorporates the symbol synonymous with the event - a golden gramophone - surrounded by models of some of Gehry’s most recognisable buildings.

These include the Business School at the University of Technology in Sydney, the shimmering Beekman Tower in New York, King Alfred Redevelopment in Hove, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. The architect confessed: “I have been fortunate to have worked with and become friends with some of the top musicians in classical music. They are my inspiration and my heroes. I am pleased to work with the Grammys to help celebrate all of these talented people.”

Over the years Gehry has transferred his artistic architectural skills to other ventures such as jewellery design, sculpture, painting and now set design, as he prepares to orchestrate sets for the May production of Mozart’s ‘Don Giovanni’ by LA Philharmonic at the self-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Neil Portnow, President and CEO of The Recording Academy (which runs the GRAMMY Awards) explained: “Frank’s exemplary creative accomplishments through a variety of artistic platforms have been inspirational. We are honoured to work with such a well-respected talent who has served as an influential figure within the arts on a global scale.”

Gehry Partners LLP

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