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Tuesday 09 Aug 2011

Modern-day blitz hits London

Editorial by WAN Editorial
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Editorial by WAN Editorial Editorial by WAN Editorial Editorial by WAN Editorial Editorial by WAN Editorial Editorial by WAN Editorial Editorial by WAN Editorial
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24/08/11 mike, budapest
Iva, you've run riot! Actually, I've always understood riot to mean civil disorder with a political agenda. The poll tax riot in 1990 was an example, and arguably the Paris riots of 2005. As someone has said, this was mostly "shopping with violence". Accompanied by murder. I think we need to look deeper than laws for a response, but a response is called for.
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17/08/11 Iva, Sydney
Appears to be a simple failure of the system of checks and balances!
Did society and law care to ensure the parents have rights to enable them to control their siblings, youth, teenagers. Ensure that parents and local services
have rights to intervene to encourage education and the common good!
Parents, teachers, elders, police and the like have no rights to teach or
control their own children, especially not some one else or children on the
street etc. The law has taken such rights away from adults in society, adults
have no right over siblings, youths, teenagers that have less understanding,
knowledge and education, and are in fact reliant on adults in society for such!
The law has taken parents and society adults rights away and given them to the state, the government is now the parent and adult in our society, and the
society of adults and elders is given a child like status!
On the basis of minority mistreated children, youth etc. the law has taken away
parental and adult rights and or enabled them to be ineffective as parents and
adults in society. The siblings, youth and teenagers have been given adult rights by law! The result in London and nations with such laws, is the result
of such same or similar Laws, that degrade the parent, and adults as well as elders in society. The law can not expect siblings, youth and teenagers to behave like adults yet it has given them such rights, encouraged such rights. The law was not on the adults side, or enabled police or adults to act, thus
the youth and gangs were indireclty encourage and enabled to achive bigger
criminal acts, even cause death! How clever are such Laws? The damage
is done, will the laws change? Probably not, will it lock up the so young
probably not and gangs perhaps some of them. The Laws appear at fault
enabling youht to do as they please and restricting parents and adults in
society to be the check and balance for those that are too young, youths,
gangs and criminals in society! Yes the taxpayers will pay for the police,
fire brigades, ambulances, investigations etc. insurances will have payouts and premiums increase, litigation lawyers will make money and the Laws probably not change in favour of parents, adults and elders in society!
The state is too eager to take control away from the norm of society where
parents, elders and adults have the freedom and rights to act to enable a
caring and civilised society! The Laws have enabled the criminals in society
to prosper as well as recurit the very young in society to do their stealing and
drug dealing etc. parents and adults in society have no rights to prior act not
even when the damage is done! Perhaps a civil law suit would help them.
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Buildings ablaze as riots grip capital 

As the sun rose this morning in England’s capital its rays illuminated the effects of what has been termed by Prime Minister David Cameron as 'criminality, pure and simple'. Over the last three days London has been gripped by rioting, initially erupting at a peaceful protest in light of a 29 year old man shot dead by police in Tottenham last Thursday. The protest began on Saturday and swiftly spiralled into violence, rioting and looting, prompting ‘copycat’ outbreaks of ‘thuggery’ and arson in different boroughs over the weekend.

No longer confined to Tottenham, random eruptions of rioting have occurred in Peckham, Clapham, Oxford Circus, Hackney, Woolwich, Lewisham, Ealing, and Croydon amongst others, indicating that the attacks are no longer politically motivated as there is little to connect the locations, with many referring to the situation as ‘anarchy’. Numerous buildings have been set alight in the process, destroying family homes and local businesses.

A large number of cars and buses have been torched, several rail stations have had to be closed due to damaged tracks (with a similar situation affecting tram routes) and many buildings both residential and commercial have gone up in flames. Television footage has shown blazing fires engulfing various buildings unattended by fire crews who fear for their safety as police forces are stretched to the nth degree.

There are fears that the mob mentality is spreading across the UK as comparable disorder breaks out in Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol, with young people in hooded tops and masks looting retail centres and setting fire to parked vehicles. It is thought social media networks Facebook and Twitter are being used by youths to organise mass gatherings, with BB Messenger also under scrutiny. Concerns have been raised regarding the message this unrest sends to the rest of the world less than one year ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

WAN Editorial

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