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Hotel Lone, Croatia

Thursday 04 Aug 2011

Banded Hotel Lone opens in Croatia

Hotel Lone by Studio 3LHD in Croatia
All images courtesy of 3LHD 
Hotel Lone by Studio 3LHD in Croatia Hotel Lone by Studio 3LHD in Croatia Hotel Lone by Studio 3LHD in Croatia Hotel Lone by Studio 3LHD in Croatia Hotel Lone by Studio 3LHD in Croatia Hotel Lone by Studio 3LHD in Croatia
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3LHD's monochromatic hotel supported by complex sculptures and modern interiors 

Hotel Lone is situated in the Monte Mulini forest park, Rovinj's most attractive tourist zone, located in the immediate vicinity of the legendary Eden Hotel and the new Monte Mulini hotel. The surrounding grounds and parkland is a unique and protected region of the Monte Mulini forest on the Lone Bay.

Created by a team of renowned Croatian creatives comprised of a new generation of architects, conceptual artists, product, fashion and graphic designers, this design hotel is a vision of banded monochromatic rings. The Architects from studio 3LHD were responsible for the design and construction of the hotel building. The hotel's identity is recognised through the external design of the building, with a facade that is defined by dominant horizontal lines – terrace guards designed to evoke the image of slanted boat decks. The building's floorplates contract from level to level going up, creating an elevation that is tapered at all angles.

The site's complex terrain with dramatic altitude changes determined the locations of internal facility spaces through a dynamic interweaving of public areas and guest suites at all levels. The specific Y shaped ground plan enabled a: rational & functional organizational scheme; quality views from all rooms; and the grouping of public facilities around a central vertical lobby. The main lobby connects common spaces on all levels, creating a central volume of impressive height and scale with interesting views in and around where all vital functions of the hotel take place.

The visualy light and open space of the lobby is covered in white stone surfaces and beige-golden fabrics, the oval lines of the mezzanine guards and the furniture enhance the fluid character of the space and are in contrast with the intimate, subdued tones of the rooms and suites where the atmosphere is calmer, materials warmer (wood and carpets), the colors darker and lighting dimmer. The entire design of the hotel is based on contrasts (black, white, wood) and fabrics as the unifying element, varying from a fluid thin veil in the restaurant, through functional but dynamic wall coverings in the rooms, to the richly decorative mural in the lobby.

In addition to the overall architecture, the interiors and the furniture were designed and chosen especially for the hotel in order to achieve a distinct and recognisable identity. The designers from Numen / For Use designed the furniture whilst installations in the hotel lobby were made by a group of innovative artists including Ivana Franke, Silvio Vuji?i? and fashion studio I-GLE. Landscape design was undertaken by Studio Kappo. The agency Bruketa & Žini? OM conceived and oversaw the visual identity of the hotel.

Update (25 June 2014)

Lone Outdoor Pools are located in a sheltered and naturally preserved Lone bay and they represent the natural continuation of Hotel Lone outdoor spaces, in the Zlatni Rt (Golden Cape) forest park.

The project includes three outdoor pools and an accompanying terrace with sun bathing terraces, swimming pool facilities, an open stage and a restaurant. The ‘relax’ and ‘aqua-fun pool’ are interconnected with a waterfall, the shallow children's pool is separated. They have a total water area of 1,054 sq m.

Key Facts

Status Completed
Value 0(m€)
Studio 3LHD

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