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Kingdom Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Tuesday 02 Aug 2011

AS+GG confirmed for Kingdom Tower

Kingdom Tower by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
All images © Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture 
Kingdom Tower by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Kingdom Tower by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Kingdom Tower by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Kingdom Tower by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Kingdom Tower by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Kingdom Tower by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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21/04/12 Ajit Kumart, Gurgaon
AS GG would certainly be remembered for centuries to come since they would certainly create ninth wonder of the world. Best wishes.
Ajit Kumar, www.fitnessnectar.com
19/04/12 engr.zameerulla shariff, banglore
fine, its the words of Highness Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, n he is man of towers, nothing will stop for him, his dream come true inshaallah
28/02/12 Bechara, Lebanon
Can we say the 21th Century "Age of Enlightenment" in Arab World?
27/11/11 Anthonie, Lelystad
The Kingdom Tower is bringing the 22th century into our 21th.. In these gloomy times it's essential we keep building architectonic marvels like the kingdom Tower.
The view from almost a kilometer above the ground in a luxurious apartment is a dream being realized. Science fiction in the making.
The Saudi achievements are a gift to mankind, and ASGG is surpassing it's previous iconic marvel the incredible Burj Khalifa. Vertical building is the future and it starts in Jeddah.
We all hope construction on the site will indeed start no later than january 2012. This Tower will stun the entire world! Anthonie the Netherlands
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27/10/11 Norbert, Prague
I agree to earlier comments regarding to Mile High.About the deck , the whole design is based on a volume 'chamfered' by angular planes , resulting in a cold, still "stone-like spike" - which I believe has been the intention - and there is a completely aerodynamic , tiny little (relatively tiny!) observation deck abutting the volume.In my opinion the deck should be bigger volume (i.e. as a ring around the mass) to have an affect derived from the contrast of static and dynamic.Apart from that I do not really understand how extremely tall buildings would result in more "green" cities , not mentioning the affect on people occupying the block , I would be grateful if someone pointed me to good literature shedding light on the relation of tall buildings and impact on natural habitat.
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10/10/11 sarah faour, uae
when i see those kind of "tallest towers" buildings i just remember what we took about the French people and how they used to hate Eiffel tower and they described it as the monster because of its scale compared to the surrounding buildings,,, yet will those tallest buildings have there value praised in the future as the Eiffel tower now?
more over a German team via studies proved that after each tallest tower a financial crisis occurs,,, so isn't it the time for us to think how will we be solving those financial crisis we are causing when building these kinds of towers?????
sooo many questions and little answers ;)
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30/08/11 David, Mexico
Agree. it´s a rip off...
26/08/11 KD, australia
Crazy spaceship like observation deck do not go well with the design.
16/08/11 Sharperblue, San Francisco
It does owe quite a bit to the Mile High, but what better precedent? And it's been quite some time (since oh, say 1929) that a tower came along that actually deserves the position of "world's-tallest-for-the-moment" - this really does. in fact, i think its outstanding, and certainly far, far better imagination at work here than the cringe-inducing Burj Dubai.

the disappointing part really comes with the wealth: with limitless money, building vegas in the desert is the best you can do? really? while i really truly like this design, my admiration is overwhelmed by the thought that someone with an astounding amount of money has an equally astounding lack of imagination. where's the Death Star? Where's the palace on the moon? where's the land-scraper 1000m underground? building big is easy. dreaming big takes a bit more wine.
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07/08/11 Anthonie van Vliet, Lelystad
Majesty! This tower indeed will become one of the most beautiful buildings on the planet, and there is more to say about this magnificent Arab wonder. Jeddah kingdom Tower is the beginning of a building revolution changing the course of mankind.. Since the dawn of civilization we lived in primitive horizontal cities, as we all know, resulted in polluted car-clogged forest and nature consuming nightmares.. We cannot continue this way. The 21th century will see the ""Umbruch"" towards vertical living, cities comprising of just a few colossal towers stretching high into the sky. This enables forests, lakes, nature to thrive around the super-towers. The millions of people are living in great luxury, migrated skyward and our city gridlocks will become shadows of the past.. A 22th century landscape, sparkling shining towers miles high, surrounded by forests lakes all connected by ultra-fast maglev trains. This is a paradise like vision of the future, thanks to the bold and courageous 21th century Saudi prince closer to reality. Jeddah kingdom Tower is making history, to the benefit of all mankind.

Anthonie van Vliet (the Netherlands)
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After months of rumour and suspicion, AS+GG confirms it is designing a $1.2bn, 1000+m tower in Jeddah 

As WAN has suggested over the past few months, supertall building experts Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill are to complete the design for a stunning new tower to anchor the proposed $20bn Kingdom City masterplanning project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The firm carefully quashed internet rumours that they were working on a 'mile-high' tower, yet did not deny involvement in the Kingdom Tower scheme. This morning His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, nephew of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah and chairman of Kingdom Holding Company officially announced AS+GG as design architects of the project to awaiting media.

Reassuringly elegant for a tower of such epic proportions – the completed Kingdom Tower will soar at over 1000m (at least 173m taller than the Burj Khalifa which currently holds the title of the world’s tallest building) with a total construction area of 530,000 sq m – the structure is being touted as a new marker of Jeddah’s importance as a gateway to the city of Mecca and has been directly inspired by the folded fronds of a young desert plant. Adrian Smith details: “With its slender, subtly asymmetrical massing, the tower evokes a bundle of leaves shooting up from the ground – a burst of new life that heralds more growth all around it.”

Smith’s partner Gordon Gill continues: “The way the fronds sprout upward from the ground as a single form, then start separating from each other at the top, is an analogy of the new growth fused with technology.” The graceful needle is also designed to symbolise the city of Jeddah as an economic power and cultural leader, with a focus on the ‘strength and creative vision of its people’.

Aside from the initial ‘wow-factor’ of the building’s statistics, AS+GG have been applauded for their sensitive design aesthetic. Talal Al Maiman, Executive Director, Development and Domestic Investments, a Board member of Kingdom Holding Company and a board member of JEC commented: “Prince Alwaleed, Mr. Bakhsh, Mr. Sharbatly and I were impressed by the boldness and simplicity of the AS+GG design. Kingdom Tower’s height is remarkable, obviously, but the building’s iconic status will not depend solely on that aspect. Its form is brilliantly sculpted, making it quite simply one of the most beautiful buildings in the world of any height.”

Encased in the new spire’s glimmering façade will be a Four Seasons hotel, Four Seasons serviced apartments, Class A office Space, luxury condominiums and the world’s highest observatory. 59 elevators using the world’s most high-tech systems will be installed to provide ease of access, with 54 single-deck and 5 double-deck systems. The residential aspect has influenced the three-petal footprint of the design with tapering wings introducing an aerodynamic shape to reduce structural loading due to wind vortex shedding. All three sides of the Kingdom Tower sport a series of notches which form specifically engineered areas of shadow designed to fall on the outdoor terraces facing the city and Red Sea.

AS+GG is leading an interdisciplinary design team that also includes building services engineering consultants Environmental Systems Design, Inc. (ESD) and structural engineering consultants Thornton Tomasetti. The developer of Kingdom City, Jeddah Economic Company (JEC), selected the AS+GG scheme after a lengthy competition process in which SOM, Pickard Chilton, Kohn Pedersen Fox, Pelli Clarke Pelli and Foster + Partners also participated.

Sian Disson
News Editor

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Status Design development
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Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

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