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Isis®, Lexington, United States

Friday 01 Jul 2011

Mother of all fans

Isis® by Big Ass Fans in Lexington, United States
Isis® by Big Ass Fans in Lexington, United States Isis® by Big Ass Fans in Lexington, United States Isis® by Big Ass Fans in Lexington, United States
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The perfect air movement solution for commercial spaces 

Since its release in June 2009, Isis has efficiently and effectively improved air movement in architectural spaces worldwide. Isis incorporates the same sturdy components and aerodynamic principles as all Big Ass Fans, but in a lighter, smaller and customizable package, making Isis perfect for public and commercial spaces.

The 8 to 10-ft diameter energy-efficient Isis weighs less than 100 lbs and is specifically designed for ceilings as low as 12 ft. Isis can be customized to fit any environment and the compact variable speed controller is discrete and user-friendly. Isis is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also functional. The lightweight fan silently moves massive amounts of air in public spaces to improve occupant comfort year-round. In temperature controlled settings, Isis helps distribute conditioned air to reduce the dependence on heating and cooling systems, therefore reducing energy consumption. One 8-ft diameter Isis moves more air than nine standard 52-inch ceiling fans combined at one-third of the operating cost. 

Isis is an energy-efficient, long-lasting air movement solution designed and engineered solely by Big Ass Fans' research and development team. Hidden inside the sleek, customizable exterior is the brain of Isis - a proprietary prime mover that allows the fan to operate silently at less than 40 dBA at maximum speed, without electrical interference - crucial for environments sensitive to noise and electrical interference.

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