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Editorial, Dusseldorf, Germany

Tuesday 21 Jun 2011

The foundations of a long career

Editorial by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Dusseldorf, Germany
All images © Studio Daniel Libeskind 
Editorial by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Dusseldorf, Germany Editorial by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Dusseldorf, Germany Editorial by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Dusseldorf, Germany Editorial by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Dusseldorf, Germany Editorial by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Dusseldorf, Germany Editorial by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Dusseldorf, Germany
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09/02/12 John M, New york
Thank God Libeskind doesn't get to build in the US!! - If the German's want him, then they are welcome have him. It seems like a fair punishment for all the damage they did to other towns during the war that a clown like Libeskind goes back to destroy their cities.
29/06/11 Tom, Beijing
astonishing horrible design - if it wouldn't have been written that its done by Libeskind - I probably would not have connected this project with him.

Seems he lost strength in design or has just too much to do?
Also maybe its out of date - the splitted jewish star or overlay of a map with names of jews who died during nazi period - that worked well on a museum dedicated to commemoration. It fails to work on multiple projects with various functions.
And the horizontal window part looks just like done by any third class commercial design office. Even has similarities to Kengo Kumas Soho project in Beijing - which has also a horrible urban space.
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29/06/11 Alex Njoo, St. Kilda, Victoria, Austtralia
Down under we label the people who are (vehemently) critical of Liebeskind' s latest work, as those who suffer from the tall poppy syndrome. It's a malady that is prevalent among creative professionals, e.g. architects.
All the same, I am sad to see that Liebeskind seems to have lost his direction in his recent work.
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28/06/11 t bastis, l. a.
geez. you sound like a tea-party ad for sarah palin. give me a break.
28/06/11 Lee Candler Young, Richardson TX
Looks like ol' "Slash & Gash" is finally learning how to design buildings that actually stand up straight. Maybe a couple more hundred million dollars worth of experience will bring his work up to the level of a pretty good 3rd year architecture student.
22/06/11 JK, New York
Libeskind does not deserve this award. He's an embarrassment to the architectural profession and a complete fraud.
22/06/11 Antonino Cardillo, Rome
It really is shameful that this person is using the Jewish tragedy to make money.
22/06/11 Hassan, Doha
Please. No more Libeskind. This is like a bad contractor project pretending to be architecture. Libeskind is a bad joke. Let's forget about him and leave the web-space to real architecture!
22/06/11 Abe C, New York
Re - “The cornerstone made of stainless steel, which was personally designed by Daniel Libeskind ..."
It sounds like something from a cheaply made advertisement on late night TV. But wait, there's more! Order your personally designed Daniel Libeskind cornerstone now, and we'll give you a second Daniel Libeskind cornerstone ABSOLUTELY FREE!! But call now. Operators are standing by!!
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Daniel Libeskind lays the foundation stone at reserved commercial facility before receiving AIANY Medal of Honor 

All has been reasonably quiet on the Libeskind front of late, with little news other than the continued construction of residential project Zlotta 44 in Warsaw and the completion of an angular extension to the Felix Nussbaum Haus in Osnabrück.

Things seem to be picking up however, as Friday saw the ambitious architect lay a foundation stone at the site of his immense Kö-Bogen scheme in Dusseldorf, Germany, which looks to unite urban strands of the city with the natural landscape in a medley of straight lines and swelling curves.

In true Libeskind fashion, this traditional ceremony was given a creative twist, as the studio explains: “The cornerstone made of stainless steel, which was personally designed by Daniel Libeskind, will not simply disappear into the foundation like a traditional foundation stone, instead the stone will be integrated into the façade at a very visible corner of the building, engraved with the date.”

This said, the concept for the retail and commercial office complex is decidedly un-Libeskind. Aside from irregularly positioned windows and diagonally slanting green panels, Kö-Bogen is free of the dramatically metaphorical artwork or poetical flourishes it's architect is renowned for.

At a grand ceremony in New York this evening, Daniel Libeskind will receive the highest honour bestowed by the AIANY – the Medal of Honor – in recognition of his ‘distinguished work and high professional standing’. Members of the public will be able to attend the event at the Center for Architecture in the City, which will see Libeskind’s name added to an esteemed list of previous recipients which includes Louis Skidmore, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and David Childs.

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Studio Daniel Libeskind

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