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LED modules, United Kingdom

Monday 20 Jun 2011

LEDs lead the way...

LED modules by Xicato in United Kingdom
LED modules by Xicato in United Kingdom LED modules by Xicato in United Kingdom LED modules by Xicato in United Kingdom LED modules by Xicato in United Kingdom LED modules by Xicato in United Kingdom LED modules by Xicato in United Kingdom
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Award Entry

Xicato demonstrate the effectiveness of their LED innovations 

Light Emitting Diodes offer lifetime advantages compared to all other light sources. This means that end-users have lower lamp changing costs, do not have to hold stocks of lamps and no longer have the possibility of an incorrect lamp replacement (eg. of a different shade of white light) tarnishing an atmosphere. There are parallel ecological advantages connected with the treatment of waste and LED luminaire schemes having a lower energy consumption.

The uptake of LEDs has been held back by compromises in light quality, including colour point discrepancies part to part which widen with time. Secondly, with the drive to higher efficacies compromises were made in terms of colour point (a greenish hue where the human eye is more sensitive), colour rendering ability and uniformity of intensity and colour. Architects could not accept these trade-offs in most installations.

Xicato's technological innovation overcomes these issues. In Xicato's LED modules, the light from a broad distribution of Blue LEDs is matched with unique phosphors mixed to 'tune' the performance of each LED combination to produce a perfect natural-looking light. The separation of LEDs and phosphors keeps the phosphors much cooler than industry standard LED solutions, where phosphors are laid directly on top of LED chips. A cooler phosphor retains its properties for longer, allowing for industry the best maintenance of colour point and light output. So the intrinsic life and efficiency benefits of LEDs become obtainable from LED modules with no light quality compromise. There are no trade-offs or risks for architects to consider - all barriers have been removed.

The product has evolved in many ways since its launch three years ago. Initial launches of a range of modules up to 1000lm were suitable for accent applications. Subsequent launches of up to 2000lm allow for general lighting. A second development avenue has been from the initially launched round modules to rectangular ones designed for different luminaire types including wall washers. A third development avenue has seen colour rendering indices and in particular the rendition of deep red colours so important for food, fashion, art, skin tones etc. improved in a specialist ‘Artist Series' range, which has seen a high uptake particularly in homes, museums and heritage. The light quality of the latter is on a par with the industry's light quality benchmark: halogen.

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