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Espoo Hospital, Espoo, Finland

Friday 29 Apr 2011

A modular approah to healing

Espoo Hospital by K2S Architects Ltd in Espoo, Finland
K2S Architects Ltd. 
Espoo Hospital by K2S Architects Ltd in Espoo, Finland Espoo Hospital by K2S Architects Ltd in Espoo, Finland Espoo Hospital by K2S Architects Ltd in Espoo, Finland
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20/05/11 Warren Kramer, Adelaide, South Australia
This is a very good design... this hospital has a "home-like" environment... and this would help in the healing process of the patients.
Award Entry

K2S Architects Ltd designs 'bed-less' hospital in Finland 

The expansive room program of the hospital has been divided in units of human scale, which are woven together to create a landscape that is like a small city with squares, curvy streets, parks and city blocks. The green spaces are interlaced with the building masses as well as with the inner courtyards, direct contact with nature is a vital part of the healing process. A lot of thoughts has been put on the user interface. Service technology is separated from the public spaces to the basement, which helps hospitals to work smoothly.

Ambulance, maintenance and guest traffic are all brought in trough separate entrances. Within the building, public, semi-public and private spaces are clearly defined. Aula acts as a place for community gatherings and opens to the idyllic views. City dwellers are allowed to use the hospital library, cafe and restaurant facilities, sports facilities and spa facilities. The spatial design offers a natural dialogue between privacy and community. Hospital facilities have been developed in a modular approach to ensure durability. This means also programming fluent activities into intermediate spaces. A view through the whole department assures an easy orientation within the spaces.

In the various free-form departments, rooms are arranged around internal courtyards. The rooms face the outside of the building, while the space around the inner gardens functions both as circulation space and common living space. The multipurpose group spaces, dining, service and staff facilities are situated in the core close to the entrance. A unique structural system combining a concrete shell and a steel frame is being created to accommodate technical systems. With undulating ceilings, the difference in height is added to the rooms. In combination with all glass facades, this results in generous amounts of daylight entering the patient rooms.

Sustainability is evident all ready on the multi-layer façade construction; it is a delicate building skin reacting to environmental conditions; light, wind, cold, rain and sun etc. It also allows patient to control the desired indoor climate. Clean tech solutions can be easily attached to building envelope. Building makes the most of natural resources found at the site. According to the architects, this concept of a 'bed-less' hospital; "...encourages to activate the vitality that every person possesses regardless of illnesses or age. It is based on spatial solutions trying to communicate with kindness, human scale, empathy and humanity."

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Status Planning
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K2S Architects Ltd

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