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Manhal Al Habbobi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Friday 08 Apr 2011

Listening to architecture...

Manhal Al Habbobi by Manhal Al Habbobi in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Manhal Al Habbobi by Manhal Al Habbobi in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Manhal Al Habbobi by Manhal Al Habbobi in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Manhal Al Habbobi by Manhal Al Habbobi in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Manhal Al Habbobi by Manhal Al Habbobi in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Manhal Al Habbobi by Manhal Al Habbobi in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Manhal Al Habbobi by Manhal Al Habbobi in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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14/10/12 Aymen Jawad, london
Piece of art !! It speaks for its self fantastic !!
18/04/12 Prof. Dr. Rabie Al-Alusi, UAE
It is so significant project. This is not much for the Iraqi Engineeres Whom their stamps all over the world. I do imphasis my appriciation to Engineer Manhal Al Habbobi. I hope that he will give me a chance to show him my project for the modern City Government specialized for the government constituents only. Thank you Eng. M. Habbobi
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17/02/12 Siyar Telarsaz, Duhok
The perfect project in the world. so pure, so resolute, so regular....., finally, iraqi architecture seems to live again.
31/01/12 Dr. Mohammed, Amsterdam
Elegant conceptualization of the richness of an ancient civilization into architecture. Well done Mr. Al Habbobi.
25/01/12 Hadi Al-Saadi, Baghdad
Great Job
14/01/12 omeed, turkey
Graet work
congratulation to Manhal and the new IRAQ Engineers
10/01/12 Tamer Youssef, Dubai (Dewan)
So Proud of an Architect like you...Iraqi ( Arab )...Wish you all the Best and more success projects in the Future...

Tamer Youssef (Egyptian)
30/11/11 Sarbast Salahaddin, Dohuk
12/11/11 anas, mosul
its an amazing design really reveales the heritage of our country
19/09/11 anarchitect, dubai
Nice work, but is it realistic?
Do Iraq and Iraqi architects need to build monuments at this stage or to eradicate corruption, establish proper systems and apply cost effective solutions and architecture to serve people's basic needs.
Taking into consideration this point of human history (and economic disasters) where people are starving, especially (sadly) in Iraq (the land of wealth in everything).
How much power (electricity, if Iraqis remember what it means) does such project require? I bet it is enough to provide for thousands of poor families.
Is this project going to be surrounded with a tall wall blocking it from even being seen by people? Definitely it will be blocked.
Please do not misjudge me; it is a nice piece of art. However, not architecture, i.e. looks nice on paper (no offence to Manhal's work).
My friends, Architecture is the joy of living, and is supposed to serve people’s needs. Alas, we seem to have not learned from previous era and previous mistakes? still stuck in symbolism. For God’s sake learn from e.g. Japan.
My comments are a wake-up call to all Iraqi architects. Please, stop accepting such commissions despite the temptations. Or, is it that everybody is enjoying the commissions, the ones designing and also the ones taking commissions from commissioning such work?! 7araam 3alaykum ya naas haya floos el ma7roomeen wil fiqaara… haven't Iraqi people suffered enough for decades?
Please, think about what I said if you have any patriotism. Search deep inside your hearts which projects should have the priority. If such project is, then good luck to all of us. I can then suggest another project... The Vanishing story of Mesopotamia.
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Award Entry

An award-winning design that tells the revival story of Mesopotamia 

How can you condense more than ten thousand years of civilization into a single project that faithfully tells the story of a great nation? The answer is in the winning design of a prestigious architectural competition, to design the new compound for the General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers in Baghdad.

Zaha Hadid and more than 30 other international architects participated in this competition, won by the Iraqi Architect Manhal Al Habbobi (Master in Philosophy of Architecture) with his 'CAP Emirates' design.

The design concept evolved as a logical and natural outcome of the system approach, concluding that an 'Infinite Free Iraqi Constitution' would be the perfect translation for the objectives of the project, as it represents now the virtual ruler that it is to house and maintain.

The four stages of the concept's evolution covered searching for a design statement that would convey the 'raison d'être' for the project; deciding on some characteristics within the statement that could be visually realised; symbolising characteristics in a linear presentation, and finally, symbolising a metamorphosing of form in a way that resembles the biological process by which a living creature physically develops after birth or hatching.

The architect suggests that if you can imagine a gigantic cylindrical seal, which was used in ancient Iraq as an administrative tool, engraved with all the significant features of Iraq's past, present and future aspirations, that image is the design used to mark the ribbon connecting the land with Tigris River. Carved with the story of Iraq, the landscape of this ribbon evolved, through a process of metamorphosing, into splendid architectural spaces delineated by elegantly defined thresholds.

Manhal Al Habbobi goes on to say that in the future, if you happen to stand in front of a building that speaks to you and tells you that inside are people looking after the Infinite Free Iraqi Constitution, then you'll know that you are in Baghdad in front of the General Secretariat for Ministers Council. Enjoy your stay!

Manhal Al Habbobi

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