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Sweco Architects, Malmoe, Sweden

Friday 01 Apr 2011

Science Park

Sweco Architects by Sweco Architects in Malmoe, Sweden
Sweco Architects by Sweco Architects in Malmoe, Sweden Sweco Architects by Sweco Architects in Malmoe, Sweden Sweco Architects by Sweco Architects in Malmoe, Sweden Sweco Architects by Sweco Architects in Malmoe, Sweden
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Award Entry

Competition proposal realised for Sweco's Karolinska Institutet Science Park 

A challenging competition proposal from Sweco Architects has been realised at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. In three rounded volumes, an inspiring and technologically advanced working environment has been created for researchers and companies active in the Life Sciences area and with ties to the Karolinska Institute.

The three elliptical volumes contain 26,000 sq m of laboratories and office space at the Karolinska Institute (KI), Sweden's foremost centre for medical research and education. Two of the buildings have already been completed and the third is under construction.

The project is based on an interpretation of the park-style urban planning concept that has been used extensively on the KI campus. The convex shape of the buildings allows visibility between the volumes and creates dynamic spaces that flow into each other. The space in between on the ground level forms a natural shared entrance hall for the complex. The three buildings have been likened to cells and the entire science park to an organism.

Despite their organic external contours, the interiors of the buildings are systematically structured with an emphasis on flexibility and functionality. The facilities are designed to house both start-ups from KI and mature companies engaged in biomedical research. Each unit has direct connections to the HVAC, sanitation and utility systems to allow simple conversion and reconfiguration without disrupting the adjacent units. It is easy to move the walls between units, as well as the interior walls, laboratory workbenches and utility outlets.

Thanks to the versatility of the structural design, every floor has as many as 12 different companies with separate access to the main duct and utility systems. Joint functions and communications on each floor are gathered in the central zone of the buildings. In the entrance hall, the buildings share a reception desk, waiting areas, café and exhibition space.

Architect: Sweco in Stockholm through Jon Tvedt and Peter Lindberg. Assisting architects: Stefan Ekholm, Benjamin Melin Mandre, Anna Laufersweiler, Håkan Nordenadler and Bo Thorin.
Traffic planning: Sweco Infrastructure

Sweco Architects
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