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Metropol Parasol, Seville, Spain

Friday 25 Mar 2011

Against the grain

Metropol Parasol by J. MAYER H.Architects in Seville, Spain
Credit: Ignacio Ysasi 
Metropol Parasol by J. MAYER H.Architects in Seville, Spain Metropol Parasol by J. MAYER H.Architects in Seville, Spain Metropol Parasol by J. MAYER H.Architects in Seville, Spain Metropol Parasol by J. MAYER H.Architects in Seville, Spain Metropol Parasol by J. MAYER H.Architects in Seville, Spain
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30/03/11 Engineer, Sevilla
In my opinion, this project has been a big mistake (about 123 million-euro big). The engineers are the heroes here. There have been many issues about how to build this "masterpiece". I think architects should think a little bit more about if their designs are realistic or not. In this case, the construction was stopped for 2 years and 9 months due to the impossibility of solving the joints at the top, so, again, I can only applaud the engineers work . Without their work, this project had never been finished, ever.

I know this is and architecture forum and I wouldn't want to bother anyone, but please, read the news first.

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Branching Metropol Parasol in Seville casts other artistic public structures into shade 

The brainchild of J. MAYER H. Architects, Metropol Parasol is an imposing timber construction that transforms the Plaza de la Encarnacíon in Seville into a hive of activity – a social and cultural hub where both local residents and visiting tourists can meet under the architecturally stimulating crown.

The area is being furtively prepared for a grand opening of the Plaza on Sunday 27th March, however the final touches to construction are still ongoing and the Metropol Parasol is due to complete in April 2011.

Gathered beneath the looming formations are a range of attractions and amenities for use by the public. These include an archaeological museum, a farmers market, an elevated plaza, multiple bars and restaurants, with an assortment of viewing platforms located inside the timber arms. A range of eateries are also located in head of each Parasol.

J. MAYER H. Architects comments: “Realised as one of the largest and most innovative bonded timber-constructions with a polyurethane coating, the parasols grow out of the archaeological excavation site into a contemporary landmark, defining a unique relationship between the historical and the contemporary city.”

Located in the historic centre of the city, the Plaza de la Encarnacíon is a source of intense interest for archaeological specialists worldwide. The University of Southampton has been working with the University of Seville on a series of investigations in the area, using non-destructive techniques to analyse remains of the Imperial Roman, Late Antique and Islamic city centre.


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J. MAYER H.Architects

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