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Central University of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu, India

Monday 28 Feb 2011

A green learning environment

Central University of Tamil Nadu by Space Matrix in Tamil Nadu, India
Central University of Tamil Nadu by Space Matrix in Tamil Nadu, India Central University of Tamil Nadu by Space Matrix in Tamil Nadu, India Central University of Tamil Nadu by Space Matrix in Tamil Nadu, India Central University of Tamil Nadu by Space Matrix in Tamil Nadu, India Central University of Tamil Nadu by Space Matrix in Tamil Nadu, India
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21/08/12 Johnson, Dubai
Its bliss to see our town with CU.
Its really very good..a green independent campus for us,i am proud that i am the student of central university of tamil nadu.
05/08/12 saibhargavreddy, thiruvarur
its wonderful and beautiful campus..its extra ordinary creativity..amazing...
i am one of the student of central university .joined in first year integrated M.sc chemistry..i am very proud to be studying in this campus....its my god gift to studying in this college

We very much proud that our children now studying in Central University of Tamilnadu.

Because there is so many good infrastructures are there and also there is A GREEN LEARNING ENVIRONMENT.

Thank for the same,

All the best.

03/08/12 IN, THAJAVUR
It is really a wonder land for good aspirants . We are very proud of that our children can access quality higher education at our door step. But I really pity on the People who are madly spend lac and lac rupees for an education to nowhere with out knowing a educational paradise is very near to them. I thank for all those who worked hard to bring the pride to our district especially to our tallest leader Mr.M. KARUNANIDHI.
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03/08/12 Bala, tiruvarur
it is very good to have a green campus and green environment, to students.it gives them a peaceful and pleasant mind. it encourages them to live together nature .keep it with all time don't leave this good thing in future also.congrats to students and all people of this university
Award Entry

University campus aims to instill sustainable practices amongst its students 

The Central University of Tamil Nadu was instituted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development at the behest of the Government of India to provide access to a higher quality education and research facility. This was in view of the growing need for qualified human resources candidates in various sectors of the economy. The university will be developed in different phases to accommodate its 10,000 students and faculty across university’s multiple disciplines: under graduate, postgraduate, research, doctorate and fellowship programs.

The site is located in Thiruvarur on the delta region of river Cauvery. The interplay of land, water, and agriculture on the site illustrates a natural sustainable network. The master plan responds to the land as a pattern of natural elements and the architecture seamlessly invites and infuses formal and informal learning processes. The extremely low footprint encourages interwoven pockets of spaces that enhance peer learning and collaboration.

The arrangement of academic blocks, which is inspired by vernacular architecture, generates tertiary spaces along its axes to spawn a layering of areas that endorses interaction and social development. The distance between the buildings and the width of internal courts is moderated to have maximum wind exposure in summer and monsoon windward side facades for natural ventilation. Integration of other passive components such as orientation, daylight, natural ventilation, material usage ensures physical comfort with minimal stress on the surrounding ecology.

With less than 4% of the land built upon, this residential campus aspires to push the envelope by promoting urban agriculture, zero food miles as a way of life by involving the local community and triggering a regional response. Students are usually enrolled into this university at an influential age of 16, study and grow in a campus where sustainability is intrinsic to its design, balancing the production / consumption equilibrium such that it becomes a way of life, thus learning the best lessons experience has to offer.

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