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Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation, Paris, France

Monday 07 Feb 2011

Construction halted on Gehry's 'Cloud'

Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation by Gehry Partners LLP in Paris, France
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09/02/11 Iva, Sydney
Surely the architect can do better than place some Sharp Glass Edges or
Coluds as he calls it into the face of nature & people of Paris!
It is out of character, just as is the Glass pyramid in Paris, it juts out harsh &
sharp into space without compromise for the surrounding area. It is full of
self attention-seeking and imposing...
Architecture should be complimenting and in harmony! Not harming....
not irritating to the viewer or the surroundings...
This world needs more sensitivty to nature, harmony & softness, to help
reduce stress etc...
The proposal may be ok, but it needs to be elsewhere perhaps near the
beach in spacious surroundings with suitable landscape....
Architects need to get real... as well as developers...
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08/02/11 Jean-Francois, Paris
The president of the Garden is secretary to LVMH group and the deputy mayor of Paris (Green- allied to Socialists) is member of the board of LVMH. Smells good...
The Socialist mayor makes everything possible to irritate the inhabitants of this part of Paris (which votes Sarkozy at 90%).
08/02/11 CP Sharma, Montreal, Canada
People in Paris complains too much, they complained against Louvre as well. This proje ct should go ahead and when completed will give a new life to the area and the people of Paris as well.

CP Sharma
08/02/11 Alex Njoo, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
I share the Maestro's frustration, at the same time, I am also sympathetic with the local residents' group's concern for a built form, albeit an aesthetically brilliant, that superimposes itself upon their immediate surroundings. But I'm confident, given the French psyche, that eventually an urban solution can be reached to the satisfaction of all. My plea to the Coordination de Sauvegarde du Bois de Bouonge is not to deprive the rest of the world of a work of art of Gehry's magnitude.
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07/02/11 leo, cordoba
una legion de mediocres resentidos levanta su graznido en contra de un gran proyecto! pobre la arquitectura...

Parisian campaigners win court order to stop Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation 

An architect’s worst nightmare came true for the Frank Gehry this week, as local residents’ group Coordination de Sauvegarde du Bois de Boulogne in Paris won a court order to stop work on Gehry’s £100m Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne. In an emotive outburst the architect branded the offending campaigners ‘philistines’, stating through fellow architect Jean Nouvel that he was 'outraged by the selfishness, lack of civic pride and ignorance' of the group.

The cultural centre (dubbed ‘The Cloud’) is a 12,000 sq m building designed for France’s richest man – owner of the world’s largest luxury goods group, LVMH – Bernard Arnaud, who commissioned Gehry to design a home for his extensive collection of contemporary art. After many complaints from the residents’ group, the court found that the building was being constructed too close to a public right of way and called a halt to the proceedings. Francios Douady, President of Coordination de Sauvegarde du Bois de Boulogne told Le Journal du Dimanche: “They want to impose on us a 12,000 sq m building 46m high – 20m above the trees. We lack greenery in Paris, not museums. I hope this project is razed to the ground.” Should the city of Paris lose its appeal against the decision, this is exactly what will happen.

The sheer complex was originally toted by Gehry as: “a cloud of glass – magical, ephemeral, all transparent. I wanted to create something that every time you approach, it shows a different character depending on the light and the time of day.” LVMH has argued that the new museum and gallery will replace a disused 1950s bowling alley and increase green space, however campaigners continue to fight against the ‘tide of concrete’. It is thought Arnaud’s creation has been designed to compete with the existing art gallery of his main business rival, Francois Pinault in Venice.

Key Facts

Status Under construction
Value 119(m€)
Gehry Partners LLP

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