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Monday 17 Jan 2011


Camus by DOORSON
Camus by DOORSON Camus by DOORSON Camus by DOORSON
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Award Entry

An automatic sliding door for fire escape routes with fire resistance EI30. 

Fire resistance doors are usually constructed for preventing the fire expansion. Doorson - known as manufacturer of high quality and well designed automatic sliding doors - made an innovative solution by automatic sliding doors which cover fire resistance and as well offer evacuation ability. CAMUS door works in normal conditions as a sliding door, with all comforts, but in case of fire protection a failsafe system keeps the door closed, while the option of swing opening provides
a safe route for evacuation of people and goods.

Because of its unique solution the CAMUS door has a wide scope of use. The door can be installed in all kind of public buildings, hospitals, tourism, supermarkets. As a concrete example the CAMUS door is especially useful in a hospital. The door allows various solutions. Because of it sliding function it is practical used for comfort passing of patients and equipments. But in case of fire it represents a barrier for preventing the fire expansion or the possibility of evacuation of escaping people and patients which are not able to walk and must be moved together with
equipment. With these functions CAMUS door reduces the fire risks. Because of its innovation the door as well represents a contribution at the field of planning for architects.

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