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Camp Robberg, Robberg, South Africa

Wednesday 12 Jan 2011

Camping with the Khoisan

Camp Robberg by Paul Oosthuizen Architects in Robberg, South Africa
paul oosthuizen architects 
Camp Robberg by Paul Oosthuizen Architects in Robberg, South Africa Camp Robberg by Paul Oosthuizen Architects in Robberg, South Africa Camp Robberg by Paul Oosthuizen Architects in Robberg, South Africa Camp Robberg by Paul Oosthuizen Architects in Robberg, South Africa
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12/03/11 Megan Hattingh, Cape Town
Beautiful Paul..absolutely perfect.
25/01/11 mowjay, london
wow this makes where i live look more deppressing then a funeral.
a breath of genious folks! could you liven up the likes of chelsea
17/01/11 Bern Shadwell, Florida, South Africa
This is truly magnificent - what an exceptional design. Would also love to see inside. Well done and congrats!!
16/01/11 edie murning, perth
wow what a stunning home. you"ve thought of everything Paul.Congratulations. We would love one of yr creations right here in Perth.
16/01/11 Michaela Griffith, Plettenberg Bay
Congratulations Paul Oosthuizen Architects! A stunning home that does full justice to this beautiful site.
16/01/11 Tres Altman, Wilmington, NC
Wonderful, beautiful, inspiring~ truly sculptural and engaging> great work!
15/01/11 Mia Anfield, Johannesburg
I've been inside - its absolutely stunning!!!!!
14/01/11 Michaela Griffith, The Crags
Congratulations Paul Oosthuizen Architects! An exquiste home that truly pays homage to this beautiful site...
13/01/11 Franco Devine, Los Angeles, CA
Inspiring. Would love to see the inside...
13/01/11 Charlotte Rotterdam, Boulder, USA
Amazing. Invites one to lead a life inside and out, cultivating spacious view. How beautiful.
Award Entry

A home that pays homage to its environment and history 

A passionate owner with a sense of responsibility to the environment commisioned Paul Oosthuizen Architects
to build a home that would 'pay homage to the Robberg peninsula'. This vision inspired the process, elevating Camp Robberg beyond ‘the next beach house'. The house is situated in a pristine enclave on the coast of South Africa, perched on a dune amongst a handful of homes and cradled by the Robberg peninsula reserve, ancestral dwelling of the KhoiSan.

The concept is a campsite in an indigenous forest and more than 60 planted trees, following the contours of the dune. The lower roof shapes an origami dune-scape, planted with carefully selected endemic flora.
The sculptural elevations of the ground floor are elusive and dynamic. They do not form an iconic image, but change relative to the point of observation. The transparency of this floor allows for vistas and spacial flow between dune, forest, ocean and Robberg.

The stylised shapes of the first floor stand in contrast to the reconstructed dune it resides on. The rounded profiles sit comfortably in the natural environment.
The layout is pockets of accommodation within mostly open space for a multi generation family holidaying together.
The client's acute sense for space and clean understanding of simplicity and drama, reflects in the living/ entertainment area comprising two outside patios, straddling an interior lounge / dining room. Using giant sliders these may be turned into one large open area or any configuration thereof, depending on wind direction.

The unconventional topographical shape of the planted roof is made possible by the tensile strength of reinforced concrete left exposed in various planes to reveal the woodgrain texture of shuttering, reflecting the brutalistic nature of the headland.
Large expanses of laminated, float glass fill the gaps between sparsely spaced structural support.
Raw wooden shutters and pergolas evoke the historical lumber industry and shipwrecks that dot the coastline.

Key Facts

Status Completed
Value 0(m€)
Paul Oosthuizen Architects
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