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Mount Kellett Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Friday 31 Dec 2010

On the level

Mount Kellett Road by Handi Architects Limited in Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Handi Architects Limited 
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Award Entry

Handi Architects complete new houses on a tricky sloping site 

In the planning and design of a beautiful sloping site at the Peak with an existing single house, Handi’s prime target is to capitalise its full potential in terms of view while also maximising its development potential. A compact crescent road lead the visitors either up or down the terrain to the 4 houses sitting on terraces at 4 different levels. With the constraints of a sloping site, Handi has achieved a balance in capturing views and maximising frontage, and maintaining privacy with careful disposition and orientation of each house.

Each house is designed with its own individual layout and features to suit its particular location on site and viewing angles, and therefore exhibits its own character and appearance. The uppermost house on the upper terrace has a more rectilinear geometry and relation with the garden, while the house near the main entrance is characterised by its welcoming steps and garden along the approach to its entrance. The middle house develops around an edgeless pool and has an intimate and interlocking relation with the water, and the lowest house integrates with a stepping garden which is evolved around a preserved old tree.

The architectural identity of each house is developed under an embracing and consistent contemporary architectural language. At each house, as one approaches through the main door, the foyer opens up to a welcoming view of seemingly edgeless water surface linked with the infinity of the blue sky. The spacious entrance foyer flows through the winding stair to the upper level, and into the serene bedroom spaces which look onto the articulated garden and pool areas. Each house develops its own architectural character through the articulation of spaces in fluidity, subtle play of patterns and the intricate use of materials and colours. The architectural language permeates to landscape and interiors with thorough and meticulous co-ordination.

Key Facts

Status Completed
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Handi Architects Limited
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