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The Green House, Singapore, Singapore

Friday 31 Dec 2010

The green and the good...

The Green House by K2LD Architects in Singapore, Singapore
Jeremy San / K2LD Architects 
The Green House by K2LD Architects in Singapore, Singapore The Green House by K2LD Architects in Singapore, Singapore The Green House by K2LD Architects in Singapore, Singapore The Green House by K2LD Architects in Singapore, Singapore
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Award Entry

A monolithic Patina-edged green building completed by K2LD 

Located in the western side of Singapore Island, this house stands as a monolithic Green Building, quietly complementing its context and a lush park opposite the plot. From the outside, the house is a Patina-aged copper cladded cube with window openings and timber infill carved into the facade. Inside, the space is varied with the interplay of double volumes, curved ceiling and sculptured gardens. The concept and approach to the project was influenced by the clients’ expressed desire for a minimalist aesthetic, both internally and externally. As such, the quality of the spaces in the house would be defined explicitly by the architecture and not by objects placed within it.

The idea of the ‘minimalist monolith’ was adopted as the conceptual generator of the project and became a principle applied to all elements of the both the functional and construction, from the foundations up to the smallest finishing details. One of the brief was to build a house maximising the site with a copper roof, typical of the Asian houses. To provide a modern twist to the brief, we sought to propose applying the copper material to clad the external wall facade where the owners could appreciate it constantly, instead of applying the costly material to the roof, where it is not visible. To create a pure form, the design process started out with a 9 x 9 cube.

The concept was based on an abstract design through the process of reduction. The copper-cladded building is lifted up from the ground level, thereby allowing the landscape to flow into the interior spaces. The building is cladded with 0.07mm patina-aged copper paneling with an air gap of 300mm to act as a heat barrier wall to the interior spaces. As one enters the house, one is arrested by the framing of the Japanese garden from the living room, against the backdrop of the landscape of the park beyond. Moving towards the staircase, one enters a double volume space that creates a visual link to the display cabinet suspended above. This is filled with a private collection of myriad color of vases collected by the client over the years. Guided by the palette of tropical rosewood and white washed walls, one is guided towards a curved sculptured stair leading from the second level to the third, entering into the private sanctuary of the master wing.

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K2LD Architects

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