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Talon Court, WIlmington, United States

Wednesday 29 Dec 2010

A benchmark for recycled living

Talon Court by Jay DeChesere, Architect, PC in WIlmington, United States
© Jay DeChesere, Architect, PC 
Talon Court by Jay DeChesere, Architect, PC in WIlmington, United States Talon Court by Jay DeChesere, Architect, PC in WIlmington, United States Talon Court by Jay DeChesere, Architect, PC in WIlmington, United States
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11/01/11 Ray, Pittsburgh
This is a fantastic example of how LEED standards are freezing design innovation in place. Its sad that the standards for green building have plummeted so far that this would be considered a LEED platinum home. To me, an organization's platnum status should be reserved for projects that profoundly push design towards a greener, more sustainable future. There is nothing about this home that has progressed sustainable design in this way. At best, this home represents a minimum level of effort in green strategies that designers should be required to apply anyway.

This is yet another example of an underwhelming awards program which does nothing to progress any kind of construction or social change. Another of my favorite winners of the year is the TransAmerica building in San Fransisco. As the building's owner put it -"“This honor shows that even as a beloved city icon built nearly 40 years ago, this building still remains one of the most progressive buildings in the financial district and California". AS IF THAT IS SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF!
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11/01/11 Eero Wright, Oak Park, SC
Where's the Architecture? This is nothing but an old 70's ranch house with a menu list of stereotypical "green" components. A WAN award house should bring something innovative and creative to the table. This house makes me feel like Jimmy Carter is still the President. This project is not worthy of the WAN label.
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Award Entry

Jay DeChesere completes new home designed to raise the bar for green living 

Talon Court is a Platinum LEED for Homes 'gut rehab' awarded USGBC’s Outstanding Single Family Home of 2010. The concept was to take a 'regular home', one that a middle class person could identify with, and provide an aesthetically pleasing 'real-life example' of sustainable renovation. A community-based effort of the Cape Fear Green Building Alliance was the vehicle for this effort. Strengthened relationships and increased membership has been the result.

A website features the intent of the project, emphasises team design, and describes over 'sixty green strategies'. As the office and home of the architect, a working laboratory is maintained for ongoing research on performance of various systems and materials and a marketing source for vendors and designers. The home has been on the ASEC’s National Solar Tour and was a CE event for the AIA. It has been presented at a Green Living Expo twice. Its native landscaping will be the focus of Native Plant Society tours. A four-part TV film focusing on LEED categories, will inform the public of how they can renovate a home to be more sustainable. Local newspapers, USA Today, local TV, and numerous national green publications have recognised Talon Court.

The project has produced significant design concepts. One is the transformation of a traditional wood-burning fireplace and chimney into a skylit shaft providing daylighting while ridding the home of an environmentally undesirable element. Secondly it has created a new product, interior doors constructed entirely of wood remnants from cabinet shops and construction sites, demonstrating the true spirit of recycling. Talon Court’s design team has evolved into the Sustainable Design Collaborative (SDC-team.com), a team-driven design and construction effort, whose focus is on sustainable assessments of existing homes. A niche not yet filled, this affords the owner with a 'pathway to sustainability' and provides jobs in the green arena.


Talon Court: http://web.me.com/jdc001/TalonCourt/Welcome.html

Cape Fear Green Building Alliance: http://www.cfgba.org/

USGBC Award: http://www.usgbc.org/DisplayPage.aspx?CMSPageID=2368

Sustainable Design Collaborative: sdc-team.com

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