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Smart Beam

Thursday 16 Dec 2010

Breathe Easy...

Smart Beam by TROX
Smart Beam by TROX Smart Beam by TROX Smart Beam by TROX Smart Beam by TROX
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Trox take innovative air conditioning to a new level with the Smart Beam... 

With the SMART BEAM, energy efficiency meets design. This air conditioning component is optically integrated into the ceiling and forms an aesthetic unity with the room without looking like an additional unit. The beam virtually emerges from the ceiling and disappears into it again. Air terminal units, lighting, sprinkler system, motion sensors, emergency lighting and loudspeakers are combined in one unit making the visual appearance of the ceiling quieter thus turning the multi-functional air conditioning unit into an aesthetic design element in the room.

The challenge was to develop a beam that whilst it was perceived as an object, it did not intrude into the ambience of the room. A visually discrete, very compact element that included a wide range of functional components. The SMART BEAM consists of three elements: the cover for the air and water connections, the multi-service part in the middle and the head piece at the front. These three elements can be combined in various layouts. Depending on the building requirements, different dimensions, multi-service functions and designs of the head pieces can be chosen. A very special feature is that the shape of the head pieces in these projects follows the shape of the building - an unadulterated holistic design. Furthermore, optimised interfaces ensure reliable planning. As all components are factory-assembled, high quality as well as easy and fail-safe installation are guaranteed.

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