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Clearky 105

Wednesday 15 Dec 2010

Novelis clear grafitti once and for all..

Clearky 105 by Novelis
Clearky 105 by Novelis Clearky 105 by Novelis Clearky 105 by Novelis
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Award Entry

Novelis creates a new surface coating to combat grafitti 

Clearky 105 is a new surface coating for aluminium facades used to prevent graffiti abuse. Air-drying spray lacquer, permanent markers, adhesive labels and posters don't stand much chance of adhering. Spray lacquers practically peel off of the surface. In order for paint to reasonably adhere, sprayers would have to apply six times the usual amount of paint, and someone who acts illegally generally does not have the time to apply grafitti six times in order to leave their mark on a wall.

Unlike conventional protection systems, the anti-graffiti function of Clearky 105 is an integral part of the coating rather than acting as a 'sacrificial layer'. Additional or new coatings after cleaning are unnecessary, and even repeated cleaning does not affect the exceptionally hard and scratch-resistant surface. Any contamination can be removed easily with a high-pressure cleaner or an ice scraper - again and again without the coating losing functionality. Clearky 105 is based with tested and approved fluoropolymer lacquers, making the product not only particularly weather resistant, but also very formable; it can be punched, bent, or edged.

Clearky 105 can be produced in any colour of Novelis colour range. It can be mixed with usual pre-painted aluminium sheet for cladding; therefore, first and second floors of the facade can be cladded with Clearky 105 in order to prevent Graffiti tags, whilst higher parts of the facade can be cladded with normal aluminium facade sheet in the same colour.

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