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The Kobe-Cattle - Rough Sawn, Radstadt, Austria

Monday 13 Dec 2010

Rough and ready

The Kobe-Cattle - Rough Sawn by LP architektur in Radstadt, Austria
images © Volker Wortmeyer 
The Kobe-Cattle - Rough Sawn by LP architektur in Radstadt, Austria The Kobe-Cattle - Rough Sawn by LP architektur in Radstadt, Austria The Kobe-Cattle - Rough Sawn by LP architektur in Radstadt, Austria The Kobe-Cattle - Rough Sawn by LP architektur in Radstadt, Austria
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Award Entry

LP architektur completes rustic dwelling in Radstadt 

The location and the space allocation plan provided the architects with all the ideas they needed to design a building that operates effectively, however there were some challenges. Firstly, for developing a design on this building sit,e the township's requirement was to elevate the site by 1.7 m. It was due to this requirement the idea of working with levels evolved. The levels of the building, as well as the levels of the surrounding site, are spaces whose interfaces offer unique qualities. They connect the building with the context vertically and horizontally.

Secondly, the design charter and the natural surroundings are characteristics, and it was required that these are interpreted by an architectural design reduced to its basics in order that the qualities of the natural surroundings are accentuated in a specific way. Finally, the client's associations, wishes and preferences described a 'pure, sensuous and functional' style of architecture. On considering these statements, there was no priority given to one in particular but the combination and exchange of all that were crucial factors for a consequent solution.

The building site is situated in the southern part of Radstadt, Austria, at the north-east edge of a residential area. Southward and westward the retention area of the river Enns encloses the site. Therefore a future house building in this direction can be excluded. Due to the elevation of the site there was the possibility to accentuate the entrance in a specific way. The access to the site is on street level; however the entrance to the building is on the elevated level. Therefore the connecting stairway is the interface between entering the building and leaving the outside. It forms a space that is not yet inside the building but neither outside. This spacial impression is supported by a cutting into the structure. Sideways the building is enclosed by a secondary structure. The courtyard in between the two structures forms the intersection between half public and private areas.

The stairway leads to the entrance on the ground floor, from where you have access to private areas like the garden, the terrace, the secondary structure and the ground floor of the main structure. The ground floor forms the centre of the building with a spacious kitchen, dining- and living area opened up to the outside by a room-high glass front south-westward. From here you can reach the terrace in the south of the building, as well as a bathroom and a utility room situated north-east of the building. Furniture and spacial arrangements structure the ground floor. Setoffs within walls make it possible to place furniture without interrupting the linear pattern of the room.

A staircase located in the north-east corner of the building leads to the upper floor. This floor forms the most private part of the building. There are no doors intended, hence the floor is structurally organised. The entrances of the bedrooms are walk-through closets. The bathroom is in between the two bedrooms therefore the toilet is in a separate, closable room. The rooms are defined by furniture in order to gain as much storage space as possible. The secondary structure holds a workshop, a utility room and a storage room. A grand folding gate enables the workshop in the ground floor to open up to the east side, the driveway. The upper floor has a window in the south-west direction which displays a stunning view over the surrounding mountain range and the retention area of the Enns. Due to the peripheral location of the residential area you have an uninterrupted view even in the ground floor. Thereby you have the qualities of being in the middle of the nature but without losing contact to the town.

Key Facts

Status Completed
Value 0(m€)
LP architektur
Reinventing Cities

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