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Urban Caterpillar

Tuesday 16 Nov 2010

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Urban Caterpillar by Abby Brazier
Abby Brazier 
Urban Caterpillar by Abby Brazier Urban Caterpillar by Abby Brazier Urban Caterpillar by Abby Brazier Urban Caterpillar by Abby Brazier
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11/03/16 Andrea Pickles, Colne
Think these are fantastic. Want to know where they could be purchased our church is trying to help the homeless people, and if we could source where we can buy them, we would be very grateful.

Yours faithfully, Andrea Pickles
23/11/10 Daniel Herren, Bern
Why can't International Organizations not immediately get in touch with the author of the project and produce enough of these temporary shelters for disaster-stricken populations in Haiti, Pakistan and other parts of the world instead of supporting manufacture of arms in the billions of Dollars, Pounds, Euros and Yuan's to further destroy the most precious heritage of all people: our
planet earth?

Daniel Herren
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Design student suggests management solution to homeless epidemic 

Urban Caterpillar is the brainchild of Abby Brazier, concocted during her final year as a design student at Sheffield Hallam University. Working closely with international charity The Salvation Army, Brazier discovered that whilst free sleeping bags were handed out by many shelters, once wet they are near impossible to dry out – especially during the winter.

Another major issue the designer discovered during her research – including sleeping rough for the night in order to raise money for her local soup kitchen – was that contact with the ground allows the cold to permeate further. Combining these two concepts, Brazier has designed the Urban Caterpillar. The system suspends the user above the ground and shields them with an outer foil shell, acting as an insulator and a protective measure from wet conditions.

Shortage of available beds is an eternal problem for many homeless shelters and Brazier suggests that the Urban Caterpillar may be used as a short-term solution. Whilst many designers and potential investors have expressed an interest in moving this project out of the concept design stage, the recession has had a major impact and the project is yet to move forward.


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Abby Brazier
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