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IBP Plot 4A, Singapore, Singapore

Saturday 06 Nov 2010

A more engaging development

IBP Plot 4A by NEW SPACE ARCHITECTS PTE LTD. in Singapore, Singapore
IBP Plot 4A by NEW SPACE ARCHITECTS PTE LTD. in Singapore, Singapore IBP Plot 4A by NEW SPACE ARCHITECTS PTE LTD. in Singapore, Singapore IBP Plot 4A by NEW SPACE ARCHITECTS PTE LTD. in Singapore, Singapore IBP Plot 4A by NEW SPACE ARCHITECTS PTE LTD. in Singapore, Singapore
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Award Entry

NSIAP completes office building aimed at efficiency and better connections with the surroundings 

1A IBP is an office building, located in the international business park of Jurong West, a satellite suburb and industrial park in Singapore. The buildings in international business park were built over the last 20 years, and cater to a new generation of tenants, focused around the technology and biotech industries.

The buildings placement and form are responses to a few factors arising from analysis of the existing context. The existing figure ground of the surrounding area is fragmented and lacks public spaces and monuments. The northern boundary of the site is bounded by a mass rapid transit train line and a proposed pedestrian park connector underneath it. Existing urban design guidelines for the site require buildings to maintain a seven storey height and a 60% site boundary. Although well intentioned, most of the existing buildings around do not engage with the street as their ground floors consist of only offices and lobbies.

A waiver was granted for this building to reach 13 storeys. This waiver was based on the reasoning that a thirteen-storey building could serve as a monument and public front to a new public park that we would provide that foregrounds the new building from the train line and the streets. A waiver was also granted for the ground floor to be used as commercial space that would be accessible to the public provided the rentals were pegged to the office rates.

The orientation of the building is north-south, the southern façade contains the core and the office spaces face north towards the park and train line. Vehicular approach to the building is from the north, the main vehicular on the west side of the site entrance to the building is from the west. The western façade is broken down into a series of vertical aluminum fins, set at different angles to mitigate the effects of the western sun, this also provides a front façade to the building.

After drop off, pedestrian approach to the building is by means of a ramp transversing a 3 storey colonnade facing the garden. This ramp takes users through the site before turning right into the lobby at the southern end of the site. As all offices are oriented north, the occupants when inside the office are orientated back towards the garden which foregrounds the mass transit line and vehicular approach.

The landscape is arranged in stripes to exaggerate the depth and layering of the garden when seen from the train line and the offices. The 12th and 13th floor of the building contains two roof gardens, open to the sky, which are joined by a ramp which is located at the intersection of these two gardens.

The large volume, broken down into planar elements, combined with the architectural materials is intended to break down the vertical symmetries in the façade so that the building form will have a more lightweight character. 1A IBP was awarded a gold green mark award by the Building Construction Authority for energy saving. These were judged based on features incorporated into the building, rainwater harvesting for landscape, waterless urinals, low e-glass for facades, and sunshading.

Recycled materials were used for carparks, drainage curbs, for landscape areas and ceiling boards to the offices. The amount of green plot ratio used in the building was also high due to the landscape gardens. Low VOC paint was used to all internal walls. All central air-conditionings were specified to Singapore Standards 530 which complies with the highest rating for low energy consumption.

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