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City Grand Promenade, Giza, Egypt

Saturday 06 Nov 2010

A grand idea for Giza

City Grand Promenade by E+K in Giza, Egypt
E+K Architects 
City Grand Promenade by E+K in Giza, Egypt City Grand Promenade by E+K in Giza, Egypt City Grand Promenade by E+K in Giza, Egypt City Grand Promenade by E+K in Giza, Egypt
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Award Entry

E+K Architects designs nee commercial district in Egypt's historic city 

The City Grand Promenade (an un-built project) is located on the Giza Plateau near the Giza Pyramids Complex, the project size is 189,000 sq m with estimated cost $230 million. The project is one of several large scale commercial projects coming up around Cairo.

These up and coming retail centres are introducing fresh perspectives on commercial experiences. In this light, the City Grand Promenade aimed to present an outstanding entertainment experience & increase the land value by creating a spacious commercial street facing the pyramids.

The site characteristics, topography, and natural rock formations inspired the visual approach to the project. Similar to the erosive effect of wind on rock, creating a series of dramatic and beautiful forms, the design team aimed to develop a number of domes covering the atrium spaces providing both a fully acclimatised space or, on occasion, a shaded one.

The natural concept is explored further through the creation of central public spaces inspired by the concept of the natural oasis within the desert which is rich of greens & water features which creates an outstanding harmony with the surrounding nature.

This harmony with climate and nature is expressed also through the natural appearance of the copper perforated skins as well as the integrated landscape inside the building which enhances the environmental performance of the building and merges with outstanding natural context.

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