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Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Wednesday 27 Oct 2010

Fresh outlook for Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung by STL in Taiwan
Kaohsiung by STL in Taiwan Kaohsiung by STL in Taiwan Kaohsiung by STL in Taiwan Kaohsiung by STL in Taiwan Kaohsiung by STL in Taiwan Kaohsiung by STL in Taiwan
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STL presents its unified concept for the Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center Competition 

As part of a major investment and redevelopment project in Southern Taiwan, the Kaohsiung City Government recently hosted a competition for a Marine Culture and Pop Music Center on the city's waterfront. The competition is incorporated into ‘International Art and Pop Music Center' under Executive Yuan's ‘New Ten Construction Projects', for which a budget of NT$500bn (€12bn) has been set aside.  

The competition brief states: "The central and direct goal of the project is to create a Marine Culture and Pop Music Center that highlights the unique character of Kaohsiung City while satisfying the needs of the local people, the industries and future trends."

Both the music box and the landmark tower have been treated as two large compatible elements that aim to frame the new centre and provide the entire bay with a renewed identity. The volumes have been treated in a similar fashion to articulate unison through the use of a double skin structural system.

The structure resonates with the industrial, mercantile reality that surrounds the bay while offering a fresh expression of its engineering activity as a new symbol for Kaohsiung. The music box performance hall and the outdoor performance area aim to complement one another; supporting the diversity of the Tai-Pop industry, the performance halls will also serve the televised entertainment industry while welcoming events from classic theatre.

It is thought that the promenade along the park will become a new vibrant part of the city, energised by recreational and commercial activities around the bay. Whether drawn to the immaculate views offered by the observatory in the landmark tower, the cultural attractions within the museum, or just a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, the park area provides a multitude of activities to accommodate visitors during any time of the day and year.

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