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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Wednesday 27 Oct 2010

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi opens

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi by Benoy in United Arab Emirates
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi by Benoy in United Arab Emirates Ferrari World Abu Dhabi by Benoy in United Arab Emirates Ferrari World Abu Dhabi by Benoy in United Arab Emirates Ferrari World Abu Dhabi by Benoy in United Arab Emirates Ferrari World Abu Dhabi by Benoy in United Arab Emirates
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10/11/10 abu razeen, kuala lumpur
if it is purely using private money, let the developer answer to Allah whether this venture is wasteful or not.

is it sustainable?

has he given enough to the poor n needy around him?

IF taxpayers' money is used, in addition to the above, he is answerable to the people to prove that every single cent or dime spent, benefits the people.
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10/11/10 Dorin, Sibiu,RO
They prepare, in all that Golfe, a lot of future strange ruins !! Maybe this one could turn into a nice umbrella for some camel herd... Where is the sustainable architecture integrated in the spirit of local site ??
Dorin / Romania.
09/11/10 Rob, Winnipeg
As much as I admire the aesthetics and performance of Ferrari automotive designs, I find this project simply repugnant. How long will it be until the starving & dehydrated poor in this region start eating the apparently clueless rich?
06/11/10 Togels, Vienna
This is not architecture. Its comical. No narrative, no sense of place. A monument to capitalism and skewed politics. Its just amazing how ignorant people can be!
02/11/10 Tbone, London
Simply grotesque! In every sense of the word...
02/11/10 David NC, Nottingham
I have to agree with Barry and TBone, this is simply grotesque in a country which has no water, and has to consume energy to make desalinated water which it is pumping below ground. It makes a joke of the so called Carbon zero Masdar City that this gas guzzling building, which is a cultural celebration of gas guzzling building should be built in the same country.
When the energy crisis really hits, and people in countries without oil are starving and dying in numbers, will this horrible thing still be celebrating the culture of speed and consumption?
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02/11/10 Barry, St. Louis
It would be helpful if the construction cost was included in the key facts, because this is all about conspicuous consumption and waste of resources that could better serve a much wider range of society than those that have more money than they know what to do with. The attempt to convince rich kids and their parents that they should aspire to driving a Ferrari when they "grow up" is a commentary on the company's values and a condemnation of the mentality of the privileged class. The money spent here could have funded research in how automobiles can have high performance characteristics while still being responsible to the planet. Obviously that doesn't sell cars AND OIL!
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02/11/10 zavio, toronto
one step backwards... only in Abu Dhabi!!
28/10/10 Prashant Mahajan, New Delhi
Worked with Benoy in Abu Dhabi to deliver this project. It is a proud moment for all of us today that finally the "Supernova" that this project really is will open it's doors. We are all mighty proud to have been part of the experience especially during the troubeled last year which had far reaching and extremly harsh consequences to our project team as well largely an outcome of the worst financial crisis our generation has experienced.

Qudos to Mike Lewis and Roland Peak to have steered the ship during troubeled waters! Congratulations all, wish I could really be there this morning to enter the space all finished!!
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World’s largest indoor theme park opens today in Abu Dhabi at 7pm local time 

Size is everything in Abu Dhabi as well we know, however at an incredible 700m end-to-end with 176,000 sq m of interior space, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is pushing the boundaries of modern architecture. Designed by international firm Benoy, the ‘centrepiece' of Abu Dhabi's 25 sq km Yas Island is a sprawling scarlet attraction promising ‘the most exhilarating rides' in a family friendly environment.

The three pointed star shape forms the basis of the entertainment centre, with a metal skin roof providing high insulation. At the centre of the tri-form structure this slick roofing system is drawn down into the ground, creating a conical funnel that provides the foundation for the 60m high ‘G-Force Tower'.

This ‘intense' freefall attraction is coupled by the world's fastest roller coaster at speeds in excess of 200kph and the much-anticipated 4D fantasy ride that is ‘Speed of Magic'. Andy Keeling, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Park Manager, explains: "Speed of Magic is possibly the most innovative interpretation of Ferrari in the world."         

Every attempt has been made to fuse the fierce, bold and undeniably iconic flavour of the Ferrari brand with the ambitious playfulness of Abu Dhabi's architectural innovations, resulting in a structure that is not only immense in scale but also manages to put the irrefutable Ferrari stamp on the UAE capital.

Sian Disson
News Editor

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi opens to the public at 7pm on 27th October. Ticket prices: AED 225 (approx. €44) / AED 165 (approx. €32).

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