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'Antilia' Residence, Mumbai, India

Monday 25 Oct 2010

Head in the clouds?

'Antilia' Residence by Perkins + Will in Mumbai, India
REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui 
'Antilia' Residence by Perkins + Will in Mumbai, India
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28/09/13 shoaib ansari, mumbai
with all due respect to architect & owner:

architecture design is not good. it is world's most costly home. and it is looking ugly in design. no matter whatever extraordinary technology and facilities there inside this home. remember, 1st impression is last impression. so 1st impression is buildings exterior look. a person would look 1st exterior of the building and if possible, he/she would enter inside and would see interior view.

if exterior fails, everything fails.
on this cost architect must have created another tajmahal like structure.
but unfortunately, architect had spoiled his chance to create new wonder for the world.
1st impression fails here.
on 1/4th cost of this home one must have built great great looking extraordinary palace.

architect is novice I think. but what was owner doing? how could hi pass such a design on this cost?

sorry to say..........
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04/11/10 Alec, Cologne
"600 people with a job feeding their families"? Great! Please don't forget that this man's fortune was earned on the backs of hundreds of badly paid workers in the factories. Good Job! This is another great example for the fact that we are still living in the middle ages concerning distribution of wealth and equality of opportunity.
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29/10/10 Brian, Earth
Perkins Will, you should lose your license to practice over this just like a surgeon that refuses to speak truth to a patient who demands excessive elective surgery.
400,000 square feet and 600 servants for five people? Isn't there an architect in the world who can just say no such irrational and unsustainable excess?
I used to admire your firm. I loathe your firm now.
Pune Chaney, this is an icon, no doubt, to greed, excess, and unbridled capitalism. This house pulverizes the dignity of those who live to follow their passions and dreams of making the world a better place rather than making the world their whore.
Saying that its 600 people with a job is like saying that a plantation house represents so many wonderful slaves. Jobs without dignity, capitalism fractured so brilliantly into deep chasms between have and have is not a positive.
A human deserves more than to just have a job. We need to get up off the floor, remember that life without dignity and an inherent sense of liberty is not free or well lived, and be the socially responsible profession we are when we are at our best.
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28/10/10 Jay, Richmond, VA, USA
Just for a bit of clarification, it has been estimated that the actual cost of this home was in the area of $80 million USD. The $1 Billion figure is simply speculation on its value based on rising housing/land costs in South Mumbai.
27/10/10 RLC, Dallas
for a design firm that prides itself on leading the green effort P W shows little regard for the enviornment with this monster
27/10/10 I Chaney, Pune
Wasted an opportunity to create iconic architecture.
26/10/10 Dan, Montreal
Just one thought crossing my mind ... Why critics are attacking the owner instead of architecture?

India's richest man completes world's first $billion home in South Mumbai 

How would you design your home if money was no object? Well, Mukesh Ambani - the Chairman and Managing Director of textile company Reliance Industries and India's richest man - was faced with this very question several years ago. Working with Chicago-based architects Perkins + Will and interior design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates, Ambani has now completed a staggering $billion home for himself, his wife and their three children.

Located on Altamount Road in South Mumbai, the 400,000 sq ft residence rests on a plot of only 4,532 sq ft. At around 60 storeys in height, the ‘Antilia' (allegedly named after a mythical island in the Atlantic) only boasts 27 storeys of livable space, the rest retained for attractions and parking for over 160 vehicles.

Alongside the anticipated private cinemas and ballrooms that seem to be the fashion in every extravagant mansion of the moment, Ambani's private skyscraper has also been reported to feature a health level with ‘cooling chamber dusted with man-made snow', three helipads and air traffic control facilities. A staff of 600 is also on hand to tend to the needs of the family and keep the building in working order.

Renderings of the design show exotic green foliage encasing the building to conceal sections of the steel and glass façade, however recent photographic images show these are yet to appear in full bloom. Critics of the building have labeled Ambani ‘the dumbest richest person in our century' and his new home ‘disturbingly ugly', however these claims have been countered by those reminding us that ‘that's another 600 people with a job feeding their families'.

Unnecessary extravagance or welcome indulgence? Let us know what you think...

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Perkins + Will

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