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Greenskin Box® solution

Friday 15 Oct 2010

You will be green with envy...

Greenskin Box® solution by Greenskin DVMH
Greenskin Box® solution by Greenskin DVMH Greenskin Box® solution by Greenskin DVMH Greenskin Box® solution by Greenskin DVMH
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Award Entry

Greenskin create a selection of adaptable Modular Eco Roof s 

Modular green roofs based on industrialised elements, from low cost to luxury concepts

This product is special because:

• The technology is based on the "domino" principle, with a design based on "interchangeable and auto connection" properties. The Greenskin solution uses lightweight structural elements, is prefabricated and pre-assembled before on-site setting up. These "ready to place" elements are easily and quickly assembled together and customised according to customer's needs. The on-site setting up is less weather dependent. Upgrades and maintenance are very easy.
• Solar panels are easily fixed on the floating floor structure, and a technical space is available for electric cables and automatic sprinkler systems, for example.
• It is easily used by architects for conception drawings, budgeting and rendering purposes.

An example of where the product has been used and how it minimised any potential risks of its use:

• A demonstration project was implemented on the rooftop of a large real estate firm's headquarters (see photos). Tour & Taxis building is also a famous enterprise centre located in the centre of Brussels, the administrative capital of Europe.
• The projects display the product's possibilities and integrate a solar photovoltaic panel as well as decorative elements and terrace surface, showing the main features and potential of our technique.
• This surface was assembled in one day and was part of a demonstration challenge and was filmed by Belgian local TV crew and broadcasted just afterwards. (as seen on youtube)
• This particular project was made in coordination with local architects and engineers and is currently visited by our clients on a daily basis.

The product compares to competition & previous solutions by:

• Allowing local repair and maintenance of waterproofing without dismantling everything. Tailored to almost any type of roof platform (up + / - 10% slope)
• Accurate and quick level adjustments compensating support irregularities. Disposal of excess heat in solar superheated heat waves via a special configuration (movement of air from the cold under layer towards hot sun exposed layer )
• Easy integration of accessories such as solar, light, pass piping, decorative elements, automatic watering, terrace, lighting, easy access of cables, piping via a technical space
• Independence and compatibility in relation to any type of support (membranes, steel, wood, concrete, etc)

Additional information:

• The system forms a unique rigid surface (wind pressure, maintenance, etc)
• Impossibility of contact between roots and membrane of waterproof membrane
• No plant debris may obstruct the network of rainwater drainage
• Soundproofing enhanced via ‘mass-void-mass' effect.
• The implementation of our "modular eco-roofs" allows an infinite variety of creations. And the most notable advantages are: simplicity of use, modularity and robustness, compared with the existing "classical" green roofs solutions.
• All materials used are recyclable and can be from recycled materials if prescribed.

You Tube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g28u0g2pxjc


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