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Złota 44, Warsaw, Poland

Friday 08 Oct 2010

Złota 44 back on track

Złota 44 by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Warsaw, Poland
ORCO Property Group 
Złota 44 by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Warsaw, Poland Złota 44 by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Warsaw, Poland Złota 44 by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Warsaw, Poland Złota 44 by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Warsaw, Poland Złota 44 by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Warsaw, Poland Złota 44 by Studio Daniel Libeskind in Warsaw, Poland
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09/10/10 W Astor, New York
If you want to see progressive and thoughtful design of tall buildings, you need to look to sophisticated architects like Renzo Piano or Norman Foster. These men and their talented staff provide creative and interesting responses to technological, environmental and aesthetic concerns.

At the other, lower end of the spectrum are over-hyped, over-rated and talentless hacks like Daniel Libeskind who merely provide a quirky shape, with a meaningless curve or two, all dressed up in silly graphic treatments. I doubt if the thought process went beyond Libeskind's trademark doodle on the cliched napkin. It's all very superficial and hardly qualifies as serious architectural design. Zlota 44 is a good example of Libeskind's intellectually empty schlockitecture.
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08/10/10 Kenneth, London
Excellent! Now Warsaw residents won't have to travel all the way to Denver or Toronto to see how ugly, badly-designed and ridiculously inappropriate a Daniel Libeskind design can be!

Construction to resume on Libeskind's Zlota 44 project as building permit confirmed 

Mazovian Voivodship has confirmed the validity and effectiveness of the building permit for the 192m (630ft) high, 54-storey Złota 44 apartment project in the centre of Warsaw, designed by Daniel Libeskind.  The project was stopped mid construction by objections from neighbors that led Polish authorities to suspend the permit for several months.

As a result of this confirmation, Orco may now enter the construction site and resume construction based on this final and effective building permit. While these administrative and legal delays have raised many concerns, Orco has confirmed that it will do its utmost to complete as much of the project as it can before EURO 2012. 

Jean-Francois Ott, Orco's President & CEO commented: "Today's decision from the Governor confirms what Orco has known all along:  Złota 44 is a meticulously well prepared project that was planned and designed in accordance with all Polish laws and regulations. We are very pleased with this decision because it allows us to resume construction on the site in eight to twelve weeks."  

He continued: "Warsaw will soon be able to showcase a state of the art skyscraper to the entire world. Of equal importance, this decision allows Orco to finish a unique residential project in Warsaw for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, and stakeholders."

Libeskind explains: "As someone who knows the Polish culture intimately, and lived under the strategy of Poland, between the destruction by the Nazis and oppression under the Soviets, this building represents a new direction for Poland, east and west." On today's decision Libeskind said he was "thrilled to begin again on a project which is so important to me personally and to the city of Warsaw."

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Status Onsite
Value 0(m€)
Studio Daniel Libeskind

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