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Lippert intelliport

Friday 08 Oct 2010

Give them some lip...

Lippert intelliport by Ulrich Lippert GmbH & Co KG
Lippert GmbH & Co KG, Berlin 
Lippert intelliport by Ulrich Lippert GmbH & Co KG Lippert intelliport by Ulrich Lippert GmbH & Co KG Lippert intelliport by Ulrich Lippert GmbH & Co KG Lippert intelliport by Ulrich Lippert GmbH & Co KG
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Award Entry

Lippert introduces an innovative intercom system with fine materials and excellent design 

The German Lippert company, a member of the Häfele group, presents a new intercom system for the high quality market segment. Intelliport uses standard Ethernet topology and IP protocol, so it is ready for integration into existing networks and infrastructure. The door panels through to the video terminals have fine metal surfaces and high-class design for perfect integration into each architecture style. Lippert uses authentic metals like brushed or polished stainless steel, polished brass, and anodized aluminium. Intelliport cameras and intercom modules can be combined with doorcom panels, letterboxes or pillars of different Lippert design types. Most of the products can be manufactured customized with individual dimensions and configurations to get a perfect integration into cladding, raster etc. Users like the easy-to-use 7" touch-display with multi-lingual user interface.

Intelliport is one of the markets first completely IP-based high quality products for door communication. It has perfect integration into existing LAN's and it is possible to add pictures from IP-based CCTV cameras onto the Intelliport terminal. Intelliport is easy to plan and to install with only three components needed: the station outside, the indoor terminal and a switch, there is no need for a server and all it requires is one LAN cable for complete video doorcom, including the power supply (PoE).The product was successfully installed at the Cameroon Embassy in Germany, Berlin.

Functionality is reduced to the necessary and useful operations and comfort and ease of use have had highest priority. Any usage risks have been minimised by many iteration loops of developing, checking and improving of the product.

Most existing intercom systems are insular products, whereas Intelliport has no proprietary infrastructure or protocols, but works well with other IP-compliant products. Planning, installing and administrating Intelliport is easy to understand in each country, installers and administrators do not have to learn other new "stuff".

High-class products for long-term usage are more sustainable. We try to think about details differing from the mainstream, for example you can switch the user menu of the Intelliport video station from the right side to the left side, helping left-handed people use the soft keys without masking the screen with their hand.

Lippert wished to introduce a system which integrates doorcom into the international established Ethernet and IP standard that is open to other systems for "integrated networks". This helps to planning future-proof solutions. It is an important part of our philosophy that a product is as good as it convinces its' users day by day. Products have to result in a solution which offers functionality and design in the best possible way.

Ulrich Lippert GmbH & Co KG
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