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City of Dreams, Macau, Macau

Thursday 07 Oct 2010

A dream finish

City of Dreams by Arquitectonica in Macau, Macau
Photo Courtesy City of Dreams 
City of Dreams by Arquitectonica in Macau, Macau City of Dreams by Arquitectonica in Macau, Macau City of Dreams by Arquitectonica in Macau, Macau City of Dreams by Arquitectonica in Macau, Macau
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Award Entry

Arquitectonica's water-themed City Of Dreams provides new leisure complex for Macau 

Hotel towers rise from a domed casino podium each with their own identity and architectural message. Through four complimentary forms and distinct glass types, a water theme defines the City of Dreams.

Hard Rock is iconic in its own way; playful, young and appearing as a glass cylinder, a series of curved octagons cantilever beyond the skin. These bands gradually rotate and spiral to create a movement and shadow effect that twists along the vertical eyebrows. This movement makes the cylindrical shape appear as a water spout, a flowing water cascade. These elements provide a 3D sculpture that appears to move both vertically and horizontally, resulting in a simple yet complex, fun yet interesting, and architectural yet theatrical tower.

Grand Hyatt Tower-1 rises to create a vertical flowing movement with an array of fins projecting from the skin and undulating across the façade and the curved ends of the buildings form. Grand Hyatt Tower-2 compliments the composition of Tower-1 with an implied horizontal movement. The roof parapet and main lobby soffit profile curves across the length of the building in a wave-like form.

The elliptical Crown Hotel rises up through an expansive series of reflective pools and water features helping to define the projects frontage. The building's pure curved façade is interrupted by a series of long vertical fins, each breaking up as they descend, creating a cascade effect as the façade disappears into the water at its base.

Key Facts

Status Completed
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