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The New Qingpu Wetlands, Shanghai, China

Thursday 16 Sep 2010

German firm make waves in China

The New Qingpu Wetlands by logon in Shanghai, China
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The New Qingpu Wetlands by logon in Shanghai, China The New Qingpu Wetlands by logon in Shanghai, China The New Qingpu Wetlands by logon in Shanghai, China The New Qingpu Wetlands by logon in Shanghai, China
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Logon present nature-centred concept design for past Chinese water town 

Located around 30km south-east of downtown, Qingpu is one of several industrial districts of the urban metropolis Shanghai. It used to be a typical Chinese water town, embedded in farmlands, interlaced with rivers and clusters of lakes. The town featured a rich history, and was well-known for its culture and traditions along its canals.

Today, Qingpu is competing with other districts and towns to attract and accommodate industries and new inhabitants. But it is just another vast urban agglomeration, made up of industrial sites, residential areas, commercial properties and industrialised agriculture facilities. In light of such expansion, the need for new ideas in urban design and development is urgent to show a path into a successful future.

This urban landscape proposal offers a model that aims to enhance the urban development while being realistic today and sustainable tomorrow. This proposal reflects a way to reverse the traditional domineering relationship humans have with nature. Elements are carefully planned to create an ecologically sustainable system with smallest financial investment and outside intervention possible. The park first develops plants, water, and land; then around and between these elements, the Path of Experience, weaving up to 4m above ground.

The site is connected to the surrounding urban areas by bus and a deck for river transportation. The trench around the site prohibits vehicle access and enables effective access control. Only pedestrians are allowed on the site and access is restricted to the three-dimensional path, activity spaces and platforms.

The flat land is levelled to create lower areas in the centre with surrounding hills protecting the inner area from the frequent river floods. During rainy periods, the rainwater is collected at the lower areas and purified by plants and natural filter systems. After rainstorms, surplus water drains away into the Dian Pu River. The collected water nourishes the park and, during the dry seasons, river water (or city gray water) can be directed into the wetlands to be purified and used for natural irrigation.

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Status Concept design
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