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Monday 06 Sep 2010

Exclusive - WAN overboard

Editorial by WAN Editorial
Wade Zimmerman 
Editorial by WAN Editorial Editorial by WAN Editorial Editorial by WAN Editorial Editorial by WAN Editorial Editorial by WAN Editorial Editorial by WAN Editorial
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08/09/10 Mukhtar, Chicago
While we in Chicago thoroughly enjoy the Frank Gehrey designed Pritzker Pavilion in Mayor Daley built Milinium Park, when I saw this tower in Manhattan by the same architect I thought it looks odd and ordinary and the famous architect is better at small scale Public works. This design does nothing to excite one nor to advance high rise tower design vocabulary. The top looks truncated and abrupt, ordinary building and pales, even appears embarrasing compared to the finely designed adjacent older high rises.
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08/09/10 T, NY
It is a wonderful building... on three sides. I am quite disappointed to come to a realization that businessmen are preventing the world from experiencing creativity and beauty because they care more about money. The south end looks like a joke and the residence on that facade should sued the developer for all they have. Anyways, cheers for Frank Gehry and his team of designers for giving the world a peek of the endless possibilities of a designers dream! I hope the world will move towards more of an advancement in technology as opposed to one's pocket, I say this because it is only due to greed and what seems to be economical for the business giants that we do not live with greener buildings and cleaner renewable sources of energy - it is always "too expensive" to invest in clean energy... well it is done in the expense of the future but these men only think of what they can gain as of today... sad but true.
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08/09/10 SSL, NYC
The photos look so flat. Go easy on the Photoshop.
07/09/10 nyarchitect, ny
HORRIBLE!!!! if you walk on the brooklyn bridge towards Manhattan, you will find you can never get a perfect background anymore. sad....
This Project is reflecting the New Approche of the Architecture Impact on the Surrounding, its a New Wave towards the New but not necessary to the Beauty. Like Chtoukhawsen Music at its time! Why for adjacent twin towers there is a change in the floor levels? No answer! Its purely engineering Concept rather than architectural flow of Imagination. This is a reflection of 9/11 on our world!
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07/09/10 Paul, Halesite
Pretty unattractive stuff. And looks ridiculous so near to the Woolworth. I doubt that Cass Gilbert would be pleased.
07/09/10 sandeep, delhi
Its true to Gehry's Style !
Another Land mark
07/09/10 Nancy Clark, San Diego, CA
It's beautiful!
07/09/10 Shep, Belmont Hills, Pa.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw this. Soft and rippling.
I am excited that Frank Gehry is starting in a new direction and look forward with anticipation to see where this will lead him.
07/09/10 Alex Njoo, Melbourne, Autralia
As an ardent admirer of Gehry's work, I believe that his genius is not evident in Beekman Tower. The wrinkled stainless steel 'facadic' treatment contributes very little to the design of tall buildings. All the same, viewed as a component of the NY skyline, Beekman Tower may well provide the necessary 'sparkle' much needed in NY's confectionary of tall buildings.
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WAN photographer risks life and limb to bring you these exclusive images from NYC... 

WAN is delighted to bring you these exclusive update images of Frank Gehry’s 1.1million sq ft Beekman Tower. A multi-storey mixed-use facility, the wrinkled stainless steel façade is signature Gehry and towers above its neighbours at 76 storeys high. Our fearless photographer Wade Zimmerman almost managed to get himself banged up on this mission, receiving a stern warning from New York’s finest after trespassing into a restricted area of police headquarters to get the best angles. Luckily the smooth-talking maverick managed to skip out, enabling us to bring you these fantastic images of the shimmering Beekman Tower.

At 8 Spruce Street in Manhattan, Gehry’s design was brought to life by New York developer Forest City Ratner. It incorporates luxury living accommodation, a public elementary school owned by the Department of Education and an ambulatory care centre. The school itself seats 630 students and takes up approximately 100,000 sq ft over 5 floors, whilst public plazas on the east and west sides of the development provide a touch of outdoor escapism in the city that never sleeps.

It was only a matter of time until Gehry made his mark on Manhattan. His first residential project in New York, the master of controversial architecture will be joining the legions of architects and designers facing the wrath of outspoken New Yorkers who are not afraid to comment on the ever-changing skyline of their beloved city. Currently under attack are Pelli Clarke Pelli for their highly disputed 15 Penn Plaza project whilst the backlash against the Ground Zero mosque continues to gather momentum despite the fact that an architect has yet to be named. How Gehry’s Beekman Tower will be received is yet to be seen.

Sian Disson
News Editor

Disclaimer: No photographers were hurt in the making of these images…

WAN Editorial

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