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Anning River, Panzhihua, China

Thursday 02 Sep 2010

Go with the flow

Anning River by SWA Group in Panzhihua, China
SWA Group 
Anning River by SWA Group in Panzhihua, China Anning River by SWA Group in Panzhihua, China Anning River by SWA Group in Panzhihua, China Anning River by SWA Group in Panzhihua, China
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Award Entry

New development planned for Panzhihua's Anning River 

In China the Anning River provides the city of Panzhihua with over half of its electrical needs through the creation of three hydro electric dams. Harnessing this renewable energy has resulted in a growing population and need for increased residential densities. The design consultants worked with the Panzhihua / Miyi Government in the planning of a future 3 sq km area that allows the city to grow while maintaining its rich infrastructure and agricultural heritage.

The proposal for the redevelopment of the 330 hectare New South Town in Miyi County capitalises on existing landscape systems through a contemporary integration of ecology, agriculture, active recreation, civic, tourist, commercial and residential program. When complete, the New South Town will be home to up to 100,000 people via new construction of 2.3 million sq m of building area and 20,000 units of housing. The aim is to leverage the existing resources into an urban new town that will not only best serve adjacent town residents and relocated farmers, but also become a tourist destination. The plan includes a variety of agriculture-related program elements, including educational centres, farm house restaurants, pedestrian pathways and model organic farms.

Among the project’s innovative components is its water-quality improvement with one of the largest planned construction efforts of its kind using sedimentation basins, wetlands and natural water-filtration systems. Beginning at the northern end of the new town and terminating at its southern end, this gravity-fed, water quality landscape will transform the contaminated Anning River, which has high levels of suspended solids, into a rehabilitated water resource. Thousands of strips of bio-film will be inserted into ponds and marshes to jump-start the filtering process of naturally-occurring wetlands. The water passes through these films of living matter and cleanses out impurities even as it encourages growth of other plants that continue the process, helping to elevate ‘level three’ water to ‘level one’ water that is safe for swimming and boating.

Key Facts

Status Concept design
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SWA Group

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