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Ronggui New Town, Foshan, China

Thursday 02 Sep 2010

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Ronggui New Town by NEW SPACE ARCHITECTS PTE LTD. in Foshan, China
Ronggui New Town by NEW SPACE ARCHITECTS PTE LTD. in Foshan, China Ronggui New Town by NEW SPACE ARCHITECTS PTE LTD. in Foshan, China Ronggui New Town by NEW SPACE ARCHITECTS PTE LTD. in Foshan, China
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Plans for former farmland to be developed into new satellite town with connections to Guangzhou & Macau 

This town was originally farmland on the edge of a suburban centre. The site is 1.8 million sq m with a planned density of 3.6 million sq m. This site will be a new distinct centre of Ronggui district in Foshan, Guangzhou. The site's northern and western boundaries form an arc where the land meets the Deshang River. The southern boundary backs into an existing industrial factory area and power stations. The eastern edge is defined by a new highway and railway that connects Guangzhou to Macau.

The conceptual idea was to superimpose a workable grid through the site so that there would be an easy vehicular and pedestrian connectivity between the north and south as well as the east and western parts of the town, while providing the scale of development that the client requires. The eastern edge of the city where a new highway and railway defines the edge would sit on a new multi-use green park.

The northern edge terminates at the river and will be the recreational park for residents of the city. The southern edge of the site would be screened off by dense forest to conceal the industrial zone. A variety of scales of parks together with an internal ring of small canals define the main roads, and spread with large and small parks throughout the city. The multi-functional use of the dense housing consists of commercial usage on the 1st floor with residential on the upper floors. The city is designed as a walkable pedestrian friendly city. The centre of the site is 3 to 4-storey low rise housing. In the future, when the trees mature, the low rise housing will be viewed as a massive canopy of trees by all the tall blocks surrounding the edges of the site.

The configuration of blocks is 5 to 9-storey street walls interspersed and mixed together with 32-storey tall towers. A continuous street edge is kept for all the site with retail on the ground floor. The retail nodes are situated at the eastern and western ends of the site which will be connected by local shopping. The northern edge of the site is more loosely configured, and consists of glass blocks fronting the recreational riverside.

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