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Plaza Séneca, Alicante, Spain

Saturday 28 Aug 2010

Go square go!

Plaza Séneca by Pepe Gascón in Alicante, Spain
Plaza Séneca by Pepe Gascón in Alicante, Spain Plaza Séneca by Pepe Gascón in Alicante, Spain Plaza Séneca by Pepe Gascón in Alicante, Spain Plaza Séneca by Pepe Gascón in Alicante, Spain
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23/02/11 Cesar Martinez, Granada
I am a follower of this young architect. If you appreciate the fine design, plenty of useful and nice architectural details, know his work.
You can visit his projects at: pepegascon.com
Award Entry

Pepe Gascón designs a new public space in Alicante for urban centrality full of light and colour 

This project was presented to the call for ideas for the renovation of the Plaza Séneca in Alicante, where the current bus station and its bus bay area are located, covering the anticipated multi-level underground parking garage. The area is a dense, grey urban setting with a clear lack of vegetation.

The project starts with the renovation of the building housing the bus station, and proposes the installation of three emerging landscaped slopes that, along with the bus station building, marks off the new space. It frees up a large central plaza, an empty space waiting to be used by the community.

The three emerging slopes enclose the space, framing the bus station. All of them work in the same way: they have a lineal layout, open towards the interior of the plaza and closed on its outer side, which is linked to the city by a mosaic of flowers that bring colour and fragrance to the area. The underground parking garage’s access ramps, as well as its ventilation zones, machine rooms, etc. are grouped in these sloped structures.

This new artificial topography is opened at each of the plaza’s corners in order to pull the city into the interior space. A 27% slope in the landscaped space creates a wide series of interior spaces intended for service facilities for the public; in front of the station, the extension of this artificial topography opens to a flight of steps. The placement of the trees directs movement inside the plaza around the large central space; the trees become denser one approaches the centre.

The project is about a new public space for urban centrality, with infinite civic and social possibilities. As to be expected in the Mediterranean, it is a space full of light and colour.

Key Facts

Status Concept design
Value 0(m€)
Pepe Gascón

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