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Nanjing TUSPARK, Nanjing, China

Friday 27 Aug 2010

It's business time

Nanjing TUSPARK by logon in Nanjing, China
logon architecture - All rights reserved 
Nanjing TUSPARK by logon in Nanjing, China Nanjing TUSPARK by logon in Nanjing, China Nanjing TUSPARK by logon in Nanjing, China Nanjing TUSPARK by logon in Nanjing, China
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Award Entry

An entire new business district for Nanjing from logon architecture 

Situated in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, approximately 300km west from Shanghai is the site of the new TUSPARK High-Tech Park. Strategically located at Nine Dragon Lake, between Nanjing CBD and Nanjing Airport, close to 2 highways, and a subway exit at the main entrance plaza – workers and visitors alike can easily reach TUSPARK from any direction. This urban design project area is 233,000 sq m including an attractive mix of business and leisure functions in natural setting; it creates a unique place for both work and quality living.

The architect decided to create three types of office environment offerings to the market; this helped limit the financial risk and maximises the return on investment for the client. Not only do the offices enjoy 80% lake views, the site is also enhanced by a community place, with attractive outdoor areas and facilities including boating, entertainment and commercial functions.

The first zone covers 93,000 sq m at the sites north include three Grade A office high-rise towers. The lowest tower in the north east has 16 floors and a height of 63.5 m. Facing downtown Nanjing and visible from the street the ensemble of towers act as a landmark giving the park a clear identity and recognisable from a distance. The highest tower in the northwest has 27 floors and reaches 113.9 meters in height.

The second zone lies in the west of the site and offers mainly economy office space. The area has a high density a will provide affordable office space for all kinds of business. As the third area of this project was designed with a height of around 30 m maximum, most of the offices in the western area still have a view on the lake. The highest buildings of the economy office zone have a height of 63.5 m and have 17 floors. They offer mainly offices, but also provide commercial, leisure and entertainment areas. The building in the south of the second area provides serviced apartments enjoying beautiful lake views. The public facilities on the site, among them also a club house, make the service apartments a great place for short or long stay visitors.

The third building zone is situated in the east; it faces the lake directly and offers unique lakeside office buildings. These individual business villas stand alone and thereby offer a 360° view. Each has direct access to the lake and provides exclusive office spaces for firms seeking to occupy a whole building as regional or China headquarters.

An axis runs through the site from north to south. The northern end of the axis lies between the landmark towers and is a representative entrance plaza. The axis transforms into a Central Park the further it runs down south and ends in an artificial mountain, which balances the area harmonically. The central park integrates all the buildings of the site, as all the main entrances of the buildings are facing the park. The main idea behind the Central Park is the creation of a community area, where people can exchange ideas and knowledge. The whole design of the Office Park is driven by the idea, that knowledge and high skilled workers will be the driving force behind the economic success of tomorrow.

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