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Cottonera Landscaping Project, Cottonera, Malta

Thursday 26 Aug 2010

No more shipbuilding...

Cottonera Landscaping Project by Architecture Project in Cottonera, Malta
Image by Architecture Project 
Cottonera Landscaping Project by Architecture Project in Cottonera, Malta Cottonera Landscaping Project by Architecture Project in Cottonera, Malta Cottonera Landscaping Project by Architecture Project in Cottonera, Malta
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22/02/11 Johann scerri, Cospicua
finally cospicua is going to be changed.after long time we going to recieve what we need,for us and for our kids.lets forget the politics and think of our home town the amazing cospicua.thanks who is involved.
04/10/10 stephen lewis, london/cospicua
what a tragic effort to ruin and spoil an historic and vibrant part of the three cities.
as a foreigner who owns property in cospicua i urge all who area involved in this development to seriously reconsider the blandness and outright unimaginative architecture we are going to have to live with for generations. who will want to come to the three cities and be faced with this sight of concrete and cold open space in an area where the nautical and harbour spirit will be lost. if this is the case for it to go ahead i might as well sell up and move to benidorm! by all means landscape the area with trees which i and many others are in favour of, but keep its flavour mediterreanean, and keep it unique to malta.. we have the opportunity to create something so beautiful, with bridges spanning the water, with wonderful lighting, create an area of maltese gardens and keep building designs more traditional to simpathetically blend in to the areas of vittoriosa which people love.. this will be a tragedy to allow this to be the final decided project.. look at the achitecture , which is new i might add at tigne point surrounding the mall with columns and light stone. i dont say copy it but use it as an example of clever architecture.. im so disappointed, and like many was hoping for something i would happily take photographs of.. please make it a continuation of vittoriosa, but with date palms, oleander and aleppo pines all native to malta.. seating areas and walkways. this is just so ugly im ashamed to be associated with it. if you wish to attract foreign investment in the area, keep it classic and maltese.
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Award Entry

A recreational 'green lung' reconnecting the historical urban cores of Senglea, Cospicua and Vittoriosa 

For almost two centuries, the naval dock within Cospicua was an enclave, an industrial complex barring the community from its waterfront. Cospicua has in fact suffered considerably, both socially and environmentally, due to the presence of the shipyard at the end of its creek. The Cottonera Landscaping Project introduces a recreational green lung reconnecting the historical urban cores of Senglea, Cospicua and Vittoriosa. The public garden, moulded by turf dunes and colourful clouds of trees flowing alongside the water’s edge, will catalyse the regeneration of the dockland area into a vibrant waterfront, and the restoration of the currently abandoned dockside historic properties.

Reformatted streets and town squares, reclaimed for public activity, will interlace with the park through a pixilated pavement while retaining the dockyard’s industrial character and evocative heritage. Pedestrians are prioritised, with noise and air pollution reduced through the resultant decrease in traffic.The quays will be opened to the residents for the first time in two hundred years. The public will taste the former glorious past of the cradle of Maltese industry and the creek will once again unite rather than divide the Three Cities’ residential quarters. The garden will breathe new life into the socio-economic heart of Cospicua, completing a continuous 2.5 km promenade linking the Senglea and Vittoriosa waterfronts.

The historic Knights’ and British reservoirs will be reconditioned to store rainwater for the new fountains and irrigation, thereby ensuring a sustainable supply and the long term survival of the lush garden environment. Self-sufficiency in the provision of water is achieved through an on-site sewage treatment plant, purifying local municipal waste. Through the use of LED public lighting, the energyconsumption for the illumination of the entire 43,000 sq m site equates to that of only a few households.

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