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Sheik-Zayed-Library, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Friday 20 Aug 2010

A meshing of minds

Sheik-Zayed-Library by Cheungvogl in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Sheik-Zayed-Library by Cheungvogl in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Sheik-Zayed-Library by Cheungvogl in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Sheik-Zayed-Library by Cheungvogl in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Sheik-Zayed-Library by Cheungvogl in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Sheik-Zayed-Library by Cheungvogl in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Sheik-Zayed-Library by Cheungvogl in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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23/10/10 Kuehn, Tel Aviv
The first real icon for Dubai: culturally, aesthetically and architecturally. This could be the “Eiffel Tower” of the Emirates.
30/09/10 paulina, london
The building is mostly a means of transport to an elevated view. Lets call it a viewing tower, shall we?
26/08/10 Joao, Hong Kong
Outstanding! First project from Dubai, which is a real contribution to country, people and prestige in the world.
Landmark / Icon / Gehry-Effect AND reasonably beautiful.
24/08/10 Clarence W, London
Of all of the designs, coming out of the Middle East during the last years, this might be one of the first, which deserves the grade "iconic" to its full rights - it is beautifully outstanding in internationally terms of sense, and it contributes to culture and heritage like not seen before, emerging in Dubai. This could be the first landmark (and by God, this term is so over-used these days) for Dubai, challenging cultural capitals like London, New York or Paris.
This could be the "Guggenheim" for the Middle East - a remarkable structure, inhabiting remarkable content - i want to see it happen to believe in Dubai's future as a world capital!
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24/08/10 masterarchitect, Melbourne
i cant see how this can function as a library.. something like this would belong in an airport, it would make a great looking control tower!
23/08/10 bigTUNAge, Detroit
Beautiful design...maybe. A fun walking experience... definitely. A library... absolutely not. Go to Doha if you are in the UAE looking for something cultural.
20/08/10 Prof. Aboud, Cairo
If a beautiful project like this, could really take shape in Dubai, this would mark Dubai on the international map of metropolitan hubs. A place dedicated to culture and exchange, a library and communal space, this is what Dubai is lacking to be seriously recognized as one of the worlds' leading capitals. Composed out of property bubbles and over-designed amenities, office towers without tenants and entertainment facilities, completely dedicated to consumption, Dubai will never find its way into the world's top lead. It will stay a Disneyland for the ones, who are out for quick money. Some striking designs like this, with intend of exchange and cultural dialogue,will make the difference to London, NY or Tokyo... A very beautiful design, with a much bigger meaning to Dubai than being "just" a library.... just remember the association of ancient's "Library of Alexandria", marking Alexandria as one of the world's most important places in history, far further than its actual existence... to cut it short: an amazing design with an amazing intend!
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Cheungvogl present concept design for Sheik-Zayed-Library in heart of Dubai 

Metaphorically, the structural design of the Sheik-Zayed-Library is rooted deeply into the ancient culture of Dubai. Respecting traditional disciplines and incorporating the significance of organic forms, symbols and patterns, the design seeks to redefine traditions as well as continuing to test new boundaries for the future.

Cheungvogl have applied a thin layer of secondary structural mesh to 'glue' the primary structure together. Here, the secondary structure - the skin of the facade – acts as bracing to the primary structure. The primary structure remains as filigree of thin elements. They become a series of load transporters, working together to transfer the loads down into the roots – the foundation. The circular plan renders equality in many perspectives. Wind and seismic load is also reduced in a circular form compared to a square or triangular form.

A light mesh consists of primary and secondary steel members wrapping around the 7.7m diameter concrete core, supporting the huge cantilever slabs forming three levels of the viewing platforms. On the top two levels, the structural mesh defines the space for the viewing platforms without entirely enclosing it. These spaces provide the visitors with 360 degree panoramic views of Dubai at 165m datum.

The project focuses on the need to provide a 'place' in the city of Dubai for people to pause and reflect. Located at the peripheral of the city's urban corridor - Sheik Zayed Road - the site captures the entire view of the city quietly from a distance. The new grounds for the structure are distinguished by a field of bamboo trees with solar lamps within the landscape.

The core is based on a 7.7m diameter structure that composes two passenger lifts with a feature helical stairs and a fire escape stairs intertwined around it. The two set of stairs are designed to be stacked on top of each other to maximize the core's efficiency, yielding 7.7m floor to floor height. The design of the core is consistent throughout the building with minor adjustments to cater to different requirements of each platform.

The structure expands and tightens fluidly and subtly at various datum, allowing one to document the city from different angles. Platforms at various levels will also allow one to document the changing of time. Platform 0.00m DTM Entrance sits proudly on a sheet of reflecting water.

Key Facts

Status Concept design
Value 0(m€)

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