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Ground Zero mosque, New York, United States

Wednesday 04 Aug 2010

New York City stands divided

Ground Zero mosque by WAN Editorial in New York, United States
©Virginia Ross 
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16/08/10 DAVE, Darwin
surely the people that subscribe to this site whether you be an architect, engineer, whichever, know that buildings dont collapse the way the towers did short of a controlled demolition? how did any muslim nation benefit from 911? the whole thing stinks. open your eyes world
13/08/10 Stephen, Portland
Why don't we build a religion mall at ground zero? It would be like a shopping mall but with all the religions of the world, a virtual one stop shop for the soul.
10/08/10 Pierced Brosnan, Edinburgh
Wake up America!

This is a fantastic idea! This is your a chance to start redeeming yourself and let the world know you're a multi-cultural nation of acceptance and understanding, instead of the war machine everyone outside the USA sees you as.

This would almost make up for the fact that you replaced a global symbol of capitalism and arrogance with exactly the same thing. I think the biggest slap in the face to the victims of 9/11 was not learning any lesson from the past.
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10/08/10 Carl Harkins, Fort Worth, TX
If this is truly about religious freedom & tolerance, let's balance the scales all round. Give the Jews permission to build a synagogue next to the Qubbat as-Sakhra (Dome of the Rock); give the Christians permission to build anything resembling a church in Saudi Arabia; give the Buddhists permission to rebuild the statues in Bamyan; give the Hindus permission to rebuild the Krishna Mandir in Lahore; and allow the Zoroastrians to reclaim their temple in Bukhara.
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10/08/10 Jim, Joplin
It is a war, started by religious ideas, fueled by Muslim teachings, by a religion that clings to the past. (and who treats women as second class citizens, almost like slaves, look at honor killings; how they treat rape where a women’s word is worth less than a man’s. just a few examples.)
Read your History, look at what tolerance has led to in Africa, Muslims killing in the name of God. It gives them peace because they believe their way is the only way.
Something to think about; why if you proselytize in the name of Jesus its bad? But Muslims for some reason it’s OK. Double stands are always unethically and morally wrong, Building a cultural centre/Mosque to educate is really proselytizing. Look at the something we as Architects can relate too; most of us are smart enough to read though the “green” labeling that has taken place in our profession; it’s for the most part not sustainable; but we get some NGO or NFP to label it. Then magically we have green building, but it’s just marketing. Educating someone about a religious belief is proselytizing i.e. “Green Labeling”
A true gesture would be for Muslim to stop persecuting Christians in their own countries many which historically had Christians before Islam was born. Building a Mosaic in NYNY is like Napoleon or Hitler Building a statue of their self in a conquered City.
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10/08/10 Nuhad, Beirut, Lebanon
Without prejudice or political bias, I salute those who preach religious tolerance, those who may not know much about a certain religion but know enough that all religions preach love and peace and that terrorism has no religion.
I salute the city of New York which I love. I love because of its diversity before anything else. Its life style and the freedom it promised- and still does-millions of people.

" Hatred does not cease through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is an unalterable law.”
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10/08/10 Steve, Calgary
Well Carl perhaps in the future this may be possible if democracy is practiced at home as opposed to forced abroad. Who knows what might happen...
10/08/10 steven, NY
Does anyone else see the irony that this lawsuit is based on fundamentalism and intolerance, that is no different than the type believed in by the evil people who planned the attacks on 9/11.
10/08/10 Chris, Las Vegas
I believe that they have the right to build on this site... but with all this bad PR, will it be profitable anymore or any patrons show? They know that they will have pickers outside every single day now, during the building phase and after it's built. This will lead to people to not go except the few that want to prove something by crossing the picket lines. The sad truth... with the extreme right that is in this country right now, I wouldn't be surprised of any violence happening on this site now putting it own patrons in danger. I believe most people will get their satisfaction of what this mosque offers from a different location and this place will be closed 5-10 years after it opens.
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Ground Zero mosque pits religious freedom against families of 9/11 victims 

A decision to build a mosque two blocks from ground zero has divided the nation, prompting outrage among 911 families who see the decision as a slap in the face while garnering support from those who champion religious freedom. While the project was unanimously approved last night by the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission, the battle is far from over. Today a lawsuit to stop the project was filed by the American Center for Law and Justice, a group founded by Rev. Pat Robertson.

The lawsuit claims the Landmarks Preservation Commission moved too quickly in determining that the 1857 Italianate building that stands on the site where the mosque is to be built is of little historic value. But city officials are confident the landmarks group acted properly and view the lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of a fireman who responded to the 911 terrorist attacks, as a last ditch effort to defeat the project. The mosque has also become a political battleground that has divided democrats and republicans along party lines.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is a staunch supporter of the mosque, was among the first to weight in. Speaking from Governor’s Island yesterday with the Statue of Liberty in the background, the Mayor praised the decision to allow an Islamic center to be built near Ground Zero. “We would betray our values and play into the enemies’ hands if we were to treat Muslims differently than anyone else” he said. “Let us not forget that Muslims were among those murdered on 9/11 and that our Muslim neighbors grieved with us as New Yorkers and as Americans.” While his remarks were meant to unite the city they instead divided the nation, adding fire to an already incendiary debate.

Calling Mayor Bloomberg ‘dead wrong’, former New York Governor, George Pataki, who was in office when the terrorist attacks occurred, said the issue is not one of tolerance but one of understanding and sensitivity. “If this mosque is supposed to be about understanding and respect, you don’t start out thumbing your nose at those feelings, which I believe this mosque is doing. It’s the wrong spot, the wrong thing to do and I don’t think any Americans should be afraid to stand up and say this isn’t the right thing to do based out of some political correctness”, he said.

While Pataki said that constitutionally they have a right to build the mosque, “we have a right to know where the money is coming from to build it”. He continued: “This is not the local community mosque. This is a $100m thirteen-storey facility. If this mosque is truly a place of respect and tolerance the people behind it should be willing to move it voluntarily to another location.”

This sentiment was largely echoed throughout the Republican Party, including by former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin who called the project ‘inappropriate’. At the White House, Robert Gibbs, the spokesperson for President Barack Obama, told reporters that the mosque is ‘a matter for New York City and the local community to decide’. Among New Yorkers, 51 to 31 percent opposed the mosque of the 1,183 people surveyed.

Sharon McHugh
US Correspondent

WAN Editorial

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